Lvls 50+ too fast?

Around level 48 or so I think you’re able to get all the kanji to level up to another level at once during your first lesson. This is nice because you’re able to level up extremely fast (4 days at fastest), but this also opens up the never ending stream of vocabulary that goes along with those. My current lessons are 100+ every time I level up and it’s getting a little hard to maintain. I’m still leveling up at around 5-6 days to give myself a little break, but how does everyone else handle this? Especially with a full time job it feels like some people might drown at that pace.

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Simple, you just don’t level up as fast as the system allows you too :slight_smile:

You can still maintain your pace before these fast levels. You just don’t do more than 90% of the current level’s kanji until you have all your other lessons managed :v:


I do 40 lessons a day until I’m at 0. Works fine for me at 4.5 days per level


I do 5 Kanji a day and 15 Vocab if there are any(Lesson Ordering Extension). Radicals I do as soon as their are availible.
That brings me to speed of a little faster than 10 days per level. Which for me is quite right. I normaly get reviews the size of 50-70 twice a day.

Since by 50 people have already done WK for so many levels, they probably have a routine of X number of lessons/per day or X number of lessons over a few days.

1)Just ignore the level up and stick to their routine. The lessons will always unlock ahead of you.
2) Use the lesson filter script and do a mix of some kanji + vocab each time so that they level up at their desired interval. A small amount of planning may be needed to make sure sufficient Kanjis are guru at the right time.

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If you’ve made it that far, I think you can probably be trusted to set your own pace? I’m on a fast level right now, and I just did my lessons at exactly the same pace as I did for the last ~10 levels (when I settled in to a good, sustainable pace.) Ultimately that means I’ll level up one day faster than I normally would.

Locking the pace early on is important to not overwhelm overeager new learners. But if you’ve made it through 40-50 levels, you should have an idea of the pace you can maintain, and be able to pull back if it starts to get too overwhelming.


Does that script force you to keep the kanji and vocab lessons separate? If so, and if you would prefer to do them together, check out [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter.

No, you can choose what you want to do first on every start of the lessons session. I´m quite happy with it.
But thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I was mostly talking about the sheer number of vocabulary lessons around that level. I do use ultimate reorder to just learn the kanji first so I can keep my levels going at the correct time, but at some point I’m going to have hundreds of vocab lessons and several tears in my eyes.

Now I’m curious. Do you have a link to the script?

I’ll do the kanji and radical lessons as soon as I level up, just so I can get the SRS started and proceed with the leveling up process, but other than that I do max 10 vocab lessons a day. I’m almost 60, so I don’t mind making my vocab progression slower on purpose. I know I’ll eventually go through all of them, so there’s no use rushing.

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That’s exactly my mindset right now!

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here you go:


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