More lessons or focus on reviews?

Hi everyone! I’ve been having more and more reviews recently which made me think of working out a certain comfortable pace

I know it works individually and yet what would you say - shall I stop doing lessons for some days?

Now I have a pile of 30 lessons, and I’m going to level up tomorrow which will add up to it

The overall picture looks like this

I would do a few lessons, maybe 10? You don’t have too many apprentice items.

Try to do the same amount of lessons per day, not do them in big chunks, and try to find a number of apprentice items that you’re comfortable with and don’t go over that. Maybe that number is 100 for you. Also never ever do lessons if you have reviews pending.

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Looking at your numbers again, your number of reviews per day is very uneven. Did you do all available lessons in one day? Try not to do that! An even pace works so much better in the long run.


I’d say so long as you have less than 100 apprentice items, you’re doing okay.

Consider around 10-15 new lessons a day :slight_smile:

I agree! I’d recommend using [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to help keep an even workload.


I usually do all radicals first, then in a couple of days already available kanji. Then when the new kanji set opens after guruing tadicals - I do them. I usually split only the vocab of chanks of 10-15 a day

Do you believe it’d be better to split all the lessons not only vocab?

Would you recommend to split all lessons like that or only lessons of certain type, for example, vocab?

I cannot use spripts on my present computer, unfortunately - all brousers and the system itself is very old, but when I’ll have an access to the proper one I’ll try the filter - it looks handy. Thanks!

It depends on how many lessons is too much for you. If you’re alreasy finding it too much, take a break now, as it’ll escalate as you go on.

I split the kanji, so when you do more lessons you could use the day after the radicals to do half, then the other half the following day, for example.

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Yes, absolutely! If you do a few lessons every day, you get an even flow of reviews. I think that’s better than many reviews one day and few the next day.

I’d recommend using it every day for all lesson types. For example, I did all radicals on day 1 after leveling up (granted there were very few radicals at my level when I made this script) and did 3 kanji and 9 vocab lessons every day. This gave me a balanced mix of kanji and vocab every day, which was really important to me.

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I do radicals first. Then Kanji. those I mostly do all at once, although if I feel I have too many I might split Kanji. When all the radicals are guru and the kanji are mostly guru with the stragglers apprentice 4, Then I do 10-15 vocab at a time, once or twice in a day (depending on how simple the first batch was) and I skip a day (of lessons, not reviews) when I feel I am having trouble with the ones I already have or if I have more than usual reviews that day and don’t feel like adding more to it.

I finish ALL vocab from the level before before starting the next level’s radicals, however long that takes me. (I have been on level 3 for nearly 5 days, and just did the radicals for level 3 a few min ago). That does include any vocab from the new level that unlocks before doing the radicals too, cuz I can’t be bothered to figure out how to exclude them from the lessons lol.

So far this has kept me on a reasonable number of reviews at a time and rarely any annoying dead spots (where I want to work on reviews but have none for most of the day). Im sure it will get more difficult to balance as I progress and have stuff I guru2’d or mastered coming at me every day too, but for now waiting till most stuff is guru or about to hit guru before adding more is keeping things under control.

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