Best beginner strategy?

I have been stuck on level 4 forever now, all my fault from not doing lessons daily, then doing them all one day, messing up a bunch, repeat. I was wondering what some of your strategies were for as far as how many you do a day for reviews and for lessons? What Im doing now is totally not working for me lol

Do your reviews.
Space your lessons.
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For lessons, do roughly the same amount every day. If you’re willing to use scripts, use [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to learn some kanji and some vocab every day.

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Just like @whinette said, I try to get all my reviews done for the day. I space out vocab lessons to do about 10-15 a day. When I level I try to do all my radicals in the first day and the unlocked kanji by the second or third day. I keep my apprentice items around 100-115. I do use scripts to help me out. These are just loose guidelines i follow, but they worked for me.

Also definitely read the post @whinette linked. It has a lot of useful information.

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Do only as many lessons as you can to learn effectively. From what I’ve seen around the forum, that is around 20 lessons a day for most people. On work days, I do 10 lessons in the morning before work, and then another 10 in the evening after work. I keep my apprentice items around 100. This isn’t set in stone, however. Of course, you could have more time than I do and are able to do 30 lessons a day, say. But I would also recommend spacing them out, rather than cramming them all in one sitting.

Spend more time examining the new material. I never go for the quiz right away after a set of lessons; I always ‘need more time’ to review the radicals/kanji/vocab before taking the quiz. It’s pretty helpful for better retention.

Remember that the ultimate goal is not to get to the next level or the max level in the fastest possible time, it’s the learning that matters.

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