How do I learn to use synonyms properly in Japanese?

I’m only beginning to learn but even within the first three levels of WaniKani I am finding different vocabulary items which have the same English translations, I can only imagine I will be finding more of them later on. My guess is that they have nuanced definitions.

So to bring up a few of the synonyms I’ve encountered:
"Very" 大いに, 中々 and one I found elsewhere とても
"Woman" 女, 女の人
"Girl" 女子, 女の子

In the short term my question is what is the difference between the words shown here?
For the long term, how should I approach synonyms while learning vocabulary?


Often we discuss them here as a way to get more acquainted with them.

I have a thread where I went through all the “girl” words.

I’ve also made some videos on ways to learn how to tell words apart on your own.


Many thanks! These are very useful. I’ll probably be going back to these references when I have reached a more advanced level of Japanese.

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Is 中々 a synonim for “Very” tho? I always learned it as “Quite”

As of not a lot, but not a few, quite.

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It’s “quite” as in “more than expected, to a considerable degree.”

“Quite a difficult problem.”

That “quite” is synonymous with “very.”

“Very” is the main meaning of 中々 on WK btw.


I probably focused on quite to differenciate it from the others, newbie mistake.

I understand, thanks Leebo!


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