How to use the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese (video)

If you’ve heard people mention it, but weren’t sure how to find it or use it, hopefully this video can be of use to you.

If you have no idea what it is, it’s a database of written Japanese that is intended to be used for research, but any random person can use it to do their own queries as well.


That intro made me chuckle. :joy: I am now doomed to only refer to the site in that dramatic tone of voice you used!

That was very interesting. When I saw the site, I was quite sure this was all above my Japanese pay-grade, but that’s a very useful way to use it!

Definitely bookmarked, and thank you for highlighting this and going over how to use it. :purple_heart:


I have so second @Omun here. A very creative way to use this resource!


That’s a great way to use the corpus! Specially when learning to write. I can see it happening.

I sometimes use the database provided in this website (University of Tokyo). It goes to about 60,000 words listed in order of frecuency.
For me the only practical use so far it’s been for deciding if adding a flashcard for a word that might sound obscure from the start (mostly specific terminology) in my still too basic reading material.


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