Choosing, and using, a thesaurus in Japanese (video)

I made a video breaking down a few different thesauruses and what you might want to think about when you choose one, or use one.

Sorry that the audio still sucks.


This is great, I’ve been wanting a thesaurus for some time but felt overwhelmed by all the ones available so thank you for this.

Do you find that you use all of them somewhat regularly, probably for different reasons/depending on what you’re looking up? Or do you favor one over all?

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I use the Dictionary of Synonyms in Japanese all the time, especially since, as I mentioned in the video, that one is literally usable online. It also goes into the most depth. I find the others to be interesting to look at now and then, and I think the 2nd one is the most pleasant to just browse.


I have a weakness for “cute” Japanese material, so the second one does appeal to me the most. The third one does also, in terms of, I guess ‘usefulness’. I was relieved when you said it was available online. I’ll most definitely use that. Thanks again!

Unrelated : any future plans for your channel?

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I mostly want to use it as an excuse to research things that I find interesting. I want to do more in-depth videos on individual kanji, and really dig deep into certain aspects of kanji and Japanese.

I guess I’ll see as I go.


Neat. In that case, you’ve gained a subscriber. :+1:

I couldn’t stop myself. I went ahead and ordered the Reikai Gakushu Ruigo Jiten. :flushed:

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awesome video, @Leebo
don’t worry, the sound quality is still okay

Thanks. It mostly just that I didn’t notice how much I was kind of playing with the plastic cover of the third book until I watched the video. It makes a weird sound and the mic really picked it up well.

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i guess you were focusing on what you wanted to say and the delivery rather than your fingers. not a real problem, and the content is great.

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