Homophone Dictionary

The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs put out a dictionary-like list of homophones (already a while ago, but I just learned about it and haven’t found it posted here before).
It’s something I had been looking for and was close to building myself.

At the same time, it’s a pretty nice beginners’ J-J dictionary for the words included with example sentences.

Here’s a sample screenshot, in case you were wondering what it looked like:


I am amused at the third entry there, given that’s a topic that had a whole thread of discussions on how to remember the distinction…

What is amusing? They listed あがる and あげる together because the meaning is the same, they only differ in transitivity.

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Thank you, that’s really useful!

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This is pretty awesome! Thank you for the share!


Oh this is awesome actually, thanks!!!

oh it’s just that it is frustrating to learn the difference, and even by level 4 or something on WK we already have run into it, and people can go on and on about the ways they’ve tried to keep the two straight. It was funny to me that I saw one I recognized, I guess.


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