Favorite J-J Dictionaries

Hey all! I seem to finally be getting to a point where J-J resources don’t seem quite so daunting, but I haven’t really indulged so far. So I was wondering what dictionaries (physical or online) that people recommend?

I also seem to be asking myself “what’s the difference between these two synonyms?” a lot lately, so are there any good resources online (J-E or J-J) that provide good nuance explanations (besides live q&a like HiNative)?


I use a combination of an older hardcover edition of the Kojien dictionary and Reikai Gakushuu Kokugojiten on my iPad.

The latter is nice because it’s aimed at a younger audience, but it is less comprehensive.


Also maybe these would be of help as supplements since you specifically mention differences between synonyms.

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I use the デジタル大辞泉 for everything (even most new grammar I come across) and I think the explanations are easy to understand most of the time. It also has pictures for a lot of the entries.

Here is a random entry so you can see the interface:

I got it on the Microsoft Store (I don’t know how much it costs in your favorite currency, but it was quite affordable for me).


Sadly it’s not available for iPhone :(. Any similar alternative that’s also available for iPhone? Thanks :blush:

There’s things like Weblio. There’s also an iPhone version of Kojien but it’s relatively expensive.


I’m using the 大辞林 on my phone (it’s basically the same database as kotobank.jp; the website seems to have the デジタル大辞泉 and the 大辞林 definitions for every entry).
For other websites, weblio is also pretty good.

For nuances, this website is pretty cool: https://chigai-allguide.com/


Thanks guys! I’ll check some of these out.

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