[Userscript]: Anime Context Sentences

Not to be nitpicky, but it’s about the original website.

  • Sound files aren’t really continuous, and some middle thought-to-be-silent segments are missing.

I know it is impossible to audit every segments to check if vocabularies exist, or in the correct form, but there are some instances Youglish do better.

This is from Homophone Dictionary, but Jisho only has 会う (listing 遭う as an alternative form).

(I have also just noticed the thing about <title> or og:title meta tags, but well, Jisho failed on that too.)

Another important case is, not all Japanese vocabularies have Kanji, nor Kana at all.

Again, somehow, Youglish got this right.

Of course, there are cases that both fail. I can’t think of a good example right now, but the vocab are broken first with MeCab, I guess.

Somehow, Youglish wins again.

Also, not all vocabularies have Jisho entries, in particular, phrases. Some manual labor might be needed to fix this.

I also think of using community manual labor, or perhaps only mine, to fix this, even if partially.

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