Great website for learning differences between words is a website I just found while researching the differences between some words in Japanese.

They have a lot of articles detailing the differences between similar words/kanji in Japanese, with pretty straight-forward explanations, and the Japanese is not too difficult.

There are articles on things like the differences between two similar kanji spellings, the correct usage of words, and more. It’s a website aimed at Japanese readers, so there are also a lot of random articles, like ones about, “How to win more at rock paper scissors,” or “Why does your stomach growl when you’re hungry?”

Though I can’t vouch for the validity of their health/science related articles (they’re your standard internet articles, idk) it’s really good reading practice, and the articles are pretty short, without ads.

If you’re looking for practice material or for explanations about words, this is a cool resource! Hope some people find it helpful.


Looks like good reading practice, yes. I do think I see an add on the page you linked, though. The desk view with the Apple products prominently displayed seems to no t have to do with the topic of the article itself, after all.

I think that’s just a random image. Those products shown are over 15 years old, after all :slight_smile:.

Ah okay. Seems silly

Usually I just search AとBの違い, but I’ll definitely kick the tires on this too.


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