Help with some sentences for a 手紙

Still in a rough draft but ss the topic says, I’d like to check whether these sentences are correct (and not grammatically clunky) before I write them out by hand…

感 謝 の気持 を込 めて、あなたたちに手紙 を書いています。


Also, if the second sentence follows the first, would it be correct to omit あなたたちの ?

Thanks in advance.

Good sentences overall :slightly_smiling_face: some suggestions to make it more natural and polite:

気持 → 気持ち
あなたたちに → あなたがたに (あなた方 / more polite)
あなたたちのおかげで → 皆さんのおかげで (once again, sounds more polite)
すばらしかった → すばらしいものになりました

あなたたち is still correct though, these are just suggestions ^^

So with the revisions:




Thanks! I have more I’m going to write but I’m pretty sure the rest is correct. Hopefully it’s not going to take me forever to hand write it. but probably will.


頑張って!:writing_hand: :grin:




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Excuse me @MissMisc, would I use
if I was only referring to two or three people in one instance?
I have the impression (although I could be wrong) that’s what you’d use for a large group like a classroom… would it sound right if you were addressing a couple for example?

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Hmm I’d think 皆さん is better for 3+ people, so for a couple maybe just use あなたたち / あなたがた (which pretty much specifies that it’s more than 1 person)

EDIT: To be even more specific and say something like “you both” there’s also (お)二人とも :upside_down_face:

isn’t あなたたち a bit impolite?

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I brought it up in the first post that あなたがた would be more polite to use^

Grammatically, there’s nothing wrong and it’s well done (I’d be totally happy if I receive a letter like this) :clap:

あなたたちの sounds fine to me, but maybe in the second line, you could say their names if it’s only a couple or three peeps? It may feel nicer.


or later part, you could use

I think this one would sound more natural👌



@TofuguKanae 誠にありがとうございました。

@TofuguKanae @MissMisc This is what I ended up writing. Please excuse my ugly handwriting.
(By the way, Hiro prefers his name to be written in hiragana.)


Nice letter. Are you Australian by any chance?

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I actually think your handwriting is great ^^ I really like the paper design too :star_struck:

This is one of those types of letters that people cherish and keep forever, they’re going to love it =)


I wish my handwriting was as ugly as yours. :upside_down_face:

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Looks perfect to me :100:
(Your handwriting is nicer than mine👌)


Yes, it’s an Australian native flora design.

I can write hiragana reasonably quickly but I went pretty slow with the kanji. Its pretty hard to make the kanji look elegant and consistent and I had to look up the stroke order for many.

Can I send you a Christmas card?

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