Help us test the sale page early, get sale Lifetime early too (if it works)

The WaniKani Sale officially arrives tomorrow. Technically, though, the sale is up right now. To convert more people to Crabigatorism We’re trying out some sale landing page(s) for the first time this year. There are a couple small moving parts, so I was hoping to get some last minute live testing in today. If you were already planning to join the church of crabigatorism get a WaniKani Lifetime account (or even if you weren’t), could you test out some of the pages? Here’s some things to look for / try:

  • Does the page work / look okay in whatever browser you’re using?
  • If you’re logged in and have an active monthly or annual subscription, does it show the prorated price? As in, you should get an estimate that’s less than the standard sale price of $199.
    • Note: If you paid via Paypal you won’t see the prorated price, though, and will need to email in ( to upgrade with proration applied.
  • If you go through with upgrading (warning: it’s real and will charge your account, so don’t do it unless you actually want to upgrade), does it work? Did you get charged and are you Lifetime now?
  • Let me know if you find any spelling / grammar errors too :kissing_heart:

Here are a few of the sale page variations you can try.

Thanks so much in advance for your help and reports! Feel free to leave them here, in this topic. Your reward will be everlasting peace and happiness on Planet Kanji, or whatever.


Just tried all 4 out!

  • Everything looks good on Google Chrome
  • All of the sale pages show the prorated price
  • Didn’t go through with a purchase so can’t answer this one
  • Didn’t find any spelling or grammar errors

Looks good here on Google Chrome. Checked all four. Didn’t catch any mistakes, or grammatical errors. Showed the prorated price, did not buy, though.

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Same here, everything looks fine on Google Chrome on ChromeOS. I checked all four pages and couldn’t find any mistakes, and it showed the prorated price as it should. Didn’t buy it yet though.

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yep, on Linux with Chrome and Firefox, it looks good.
proprated price is shown properly (checked in Chrome only, though).

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I can also confirm that everything looks good on Chrome, and OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!!

Oh, I guess I just fully joined the cult. Anyway, the purchasing works too. Looking forward to a lifetime of serving the Crabigator :wink:


All looks good, again in Google Chrome for me. Went through with the purchase, showed and payed the prorated price.

Now officially a lifetime member! :sparkles: :tada: :confetti_ball:


I was sort of hoping something would go wrong so I could start some drama :smiling_imp:
But I subscribed and everything went fine! The prorated price showed and the payment worked.

Only teeny tiny thing was that I got two identical “Welcome to a lifetime of Wanikani” emails one immediately after the other. But that’s not what you asked about hehe

Thank you for the sale! :kissing_heart:


I also checked all 4 out. Chrome 78 on W10. Looks fantastic!

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I only tried out the first one on safari but everything looks good! It shows the sale price as well as my prorated price for having the monthly membership. Unfortunately I won’t have the money until Christmas time so hopefully I will be able to buy then instead.

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All of them look good using Vivaldi on MacOS. The estimated prorated price showed up, the real prorated price ended up being a few pennies less.

Edit: a minute after getting the lifetime subscription I got a level up email for Level 5, which I’ve been on for over a week. Not sure if it’s related to the lifetime subscription, or to logging out and back in of my account here.

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The proration is calculated to the second (!), so we do a little conservative rounding on that.


Everything looks good on Chrome via my Android device.
Shows me $199, but I’m not presently subscribed, so…
Can’t afford to presently subscribe so I can’t help with the third question,
I noted no language issues. Also, I liked the second variation best.

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Used version 3, got lifetime, discount was shown, on iphone 7 (credit card on file, I guess I can remove it now).

Thanks for the sale!

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Upgraded during my break at work. It did work. I saw the prorated reduction as an estimate on the landing. Seemed to work well.

Thanks (:

Edit: Version 1 on Android Chrome, looked great, only skinmed but didnt notice spelling errors

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Confirming double email after getting lifetime.


All links worked, again on Chrome.
Didn’t buy lifetime yet due to having paid with PayPal.

Looking good and-- what

What will you do with all this Lifetime money?

Continue work on our beautiful, walled-in compound, to which only Lifetime members will be invited upon completion. Also, funding the development of our number one feature request: 99¢ incorrect review undo micro-transactions. We’re hoping to get these launched by April 1, 2020.



Looks good on Windows 10 with Firefox 71.0.

I’ve tapped all those links and all worked well on an old Android phone, an old iPhone and an old iPad. I didn’t purchase because I’m a lifetimer.

Wah. Koichi is typing.