Help understand a line in the song 'Pretender by Official髭男dism'

Who can help with understanding the second line in the lyrics below?


I gather the fist line means
“Hearing someone talk proudly about the Logic of Love”

But breaking down the second line…

何ひとつ - (not) one
~として - as for~
ピン - no idea what this means??.Closest in dictionary is ピント which means focal point/point of discussion. Maybe と was wrongly written in hiragana in my lyric source.
こなくて - (is the a conjugated form of 来る?).

Thanks :slight_smile:

ピンとくる can be found in Jishoぴんと来る


偉そう isnt really proudly here but more like self important most likely. Or like they think they know more than they actually do when it comes to 恋愛の論理

何ひとつとしてピンとこない is like "nothing they say resonates with me (on an emotional level)

ひとつとして: ある物事が一つもないさま
何: basically what you siad
ピンとくる: means like to strike home according to english dictionaries. 感覚に訴えかけてくるものがある。自分の感覚と合う


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Ah thanks! I didn’t think of searching them together like that.

Thanks for the detailed explanation :smiley: makes sense!

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Also can you help with this line?


Is it pretty much saying at the end of the hand they are grasping is a end line as in like calling a disconnected phone?
or end of the line like a train station - cannot go anywhere further kind of meaning?

An end line is a sports term… it’s one of the lines that marks the boundary of the playing area. As opposed to a sideline.

If you didn’t know what “end line” meant in English, you can check a Japanese dictionary for エンドライン, which makes it clear that it’s about sports courts and fields.


In case you haven’t seen it, 日本語の森 also did a video on this song:


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