Help with translating a sentence

Hey all,

I’m still very early into my journey of learning Japanese through WaniKani and Duoling but it just so happens that I’m editing a social media post for a client that needs a Japanese translation. I don’t know enough to make my own accurate translation so I hired a translator to make sure that it was translated properly. It all seems to check out, but this one sentence is pretty far from what I gave them.

The sentence in question is:
6 cocktails from some of our favorite bars.

This is what I recieved:
行き先を ひとくち

Now, like I said, I’m nowhere near an expert but I know enough to see that it’s pretty different. I thought at least 六杯/6杯, 飲み物/カクテル would be things in the translation.

Is there a reason why it would be so different?

The first thing that I think of when seeing it is that isn’t not a full sentence. It’s just a fragment. So is there more around it that would potentially be factored into it?

Other than that, what they gave you omits the verb, so it’s also a fragment, but it has the feeling of “(Enjoy / Experience / something like that) the destination with a drink”. One of the meanings of ひとくち is “gulp” or “sip”. They may have just felt a literal translation wouldn’t have been very Japanese-languagish.


Thanks for your take on this.

There are two other sentences before it but they’re also fragments of sentences but maybe they will give some clues. Here they are in order:

"Tokyo in a glass." translated as 東京が グラスの中に (I can decipher this one)
"Unique in every way." - あらゆる面でユニーク (I see “unique”, but not sure what “あらゆる面で” does in this sentence".

I feel like I should point out that I know there isn’t always clean translations between these two languages - I’m just really curious to know how this was translated

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