Need help translating a poem!

Hi people. I’m currently stuck in the middle of translating a Nakahara Chuuya poem - every was going pretty smoothly until the verb 滞びて appeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere, the closest I got was 帯びて… If anyone knows what it means, please tell me!

The full sentence is “鈍い金色を滞びて、空は曇っている、――相変らずだ、――” for context.

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It’s printed like that in a book or something?


Yeah, I’ll upload a photo - can’t figure it out at all :sweat_smile:

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Barring some kind of poetic license, which I wouldn’t really be able to understand the meaning of (滞 doesn’t have much to do with おびる)… it just looks like an incorrect character to me. I’m not sure how it would happen, but yeah. I can’t find anything to suggest おびる is a reading for 滞, whether standard, non-standard, archaic, whatever.

Maybe someone else can though.

EDIT: I notice on the same page, the furigana for 陽炎 is かげろふ, which is classical Japanese. I don’t know if that would have any bearing on 滞, because the classical spelling of 陽炎 is still in the dictionary, but my dictionaries say nothing about this.


Yeah I checked for alternative readings albeit online and haven’t found nothing so far. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help!

I showed it to the middle school Japanese teacher who sits behind me in the staffroom, and she recognized it as Chuuya Nakahara without me explaining it, and agreed that the use of 滞 just seems to be wrong. She didn’t have any other explanation for it.

I imagine there could always be some deeper meaning, but that’s what a native 国語 teacher thought.


it might be somewhat twisted logic, but reading 帯びる(おびる) might be used by omitting とどこ part of 滞る, having a nuance of ‘process of changing into’?

there are two variants in Internet:

so yeah, this can be misprint…

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Ahhh that makes sense, I’ve only opened up one copy on the internet which featured 滞 - confirmation bias got me. Thanks for clearing it up.

Hahahah that’s amazing. Seems like it’s almost undoubtedly a misprint. Thanks so much for the help :blush:

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