Help translating this

If you think so, then I guess it’s like that.

Not sure about the meaning of this line.
Within you/As for you (??idk)

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It’s hard to translate in a way that would sound natural, I’d say “Inside of you, that is”. Maybe context would give a more elegant way to formulate it.

Based on the previous sentence, I guess the idea is that if you have a certain view of the world, then it will affect your perception so that it seems to hold true (confirmation bias).

This is a meme, right?

If it helps, I think the ん is a shortened form of the possessive の here :slight_smile:
お前 —> you
お前ん —> your

I don’t want a natural translation, it’s fine as long as I get the meaning. Suppose A and B are talking and A said this, 「お前がそう思うんならそうなんだろう」
Then it means whatever B said, A is agreeing that, that must be true. If I think of it this way, then the second line confuses me.
Now, this makes it seem like A doesn’t agree with B and is saying that it’s true only for you and not everyone else?

Did this even make sense? lol

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No really. Does it seem like one?

P.S. Seems like you know something more regarding this.

All I did was put the sentence you want to know about into Google and dozens of other manga panels with the same text come up.

I figured you were aware of that. I just want to know where stuff came from when people ask about it, for context.

Yes, that’s it. Well, it does not say “not for anyone else”, just “not in general” (or “not for people who disagree” I guess)

That being said, even without the second part, the first part sounds a lot like sarcasm or pity (depending on context), so I wouldn’t say A truely agreed with B even at that stage.

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Ah true, so it seems like this is a meme. Seems like I’ll have to give the full context, so I was talking to a Japanese friend on LINE and we were talking about kanji, then I said I think Japanese can be read faster than English since it uses Kanji. She replied with writing the lines in image (replacing お前 with my name) and then said reference from this and posted the image.

I think so too. Although I thought the second part makes it sound like so. Like they’re being cocky or 上から目線 would be the correct word maybe?


I kinda skipped reading this. Sorry! seems like this is the case.

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Yes, that’s correct.
Your friend probably believes you don’t know what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess this makes it 100% clear.


“If you think it’s so, then it is…in your mind that is”
This is how I hear it at least…Is this correct?


Haha, a nice translation!
This line goes quite well with my avatar now that I think about it :rofl:

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It’s a meme

This page gives a full explanation and the original context (apparently it’s from a manga called Girls Fight).

You bust it out when you want to be snarky to someone you disagree with, although according to that page it’s also used to just simply convey something along the lines of “to each his own” or “everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.”


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