A small translation question

Hello, I really hope that this is the right place to ask, and sincerely apologize if it isn’t.

Google translate really doesn’t help me with this one.

In a show I like, there is this phrase said at a very important moment:


And Google gives me “After all, I am cute.” but that completely erases that ‘omae’

Would the correct translation be: “After all, I think you’re cute” ? Or something else?



“I still think you’re cute” would also be a valid interpretation I think


I think you’re spot on in your understanding.

やはり is like やっぱり.


Thank you very much everyone, it’s now clarified in my mind!

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deepl gives: “I still think you’re cute”

I have nothing to add to the discussion but

The choice of お前 is definitely a weird one, but then I don’t know the context. It kinda feels like a Yakuza guy asking out a girl:


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Its not uncommon in anime and light novels. A handful of harem shows/LNs that I’ve read would have something like this in them.

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