I NEED SOME HELP! please =^-^=

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone would possibly be able to give me a translation for the quote:

“We can only continue living.”

I have done some searching up and dictionary-ing myself and have established two options:

  1. “生き続けることしかできない”

  2. “生きてゆくしかないのぼくたちは”

Any alterations, or improvements or anything that means the aforementioned quote would so very greatly much be appreciated, thank you, Em.


I think you can put it even more simply as 生き続けるしかない


Thank you so much for your input, I’m glad you’re using the same characters because it would be awkward for my tattoo to say something completely different to what I want it to mean, thank you again ^-^

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Before you go ahead, have you considered why it might be a bad idea to get a tattoo in a language you don’t speak fluently? Consider the following: https://www.reddit.com/r/translator/wiki/tattoos

As for me, I’d probably get a tattoo with a grid of all the kanji on WaniKani :rofl:


Thank you for your consideration. Japanese is probably the one culture, language and country I love the most. So I’m just incorporating the actual quote, which I have looked up but just wanted clarification with. image It means a lot to me and has great importance in my life. I’ve even seen english tattoos get totally written wrong. But I completely understand where you’re coming from, there’s nothing worse than having something written wrong in a language you can’t exactly read or write or understand. I’m working my way there. Thank you so very much again. This means a lot to me. A grid of all the kanji would definitely be helpful in that sense, lol :smiley:

So, this is read right-to-left. It’s ぼくたちは生きてゆくしかないの (though, what you wrote originally is perfectly fine in casual speech, thanks to particles).


Just to add to that, ぼくたち is masculine language, so possibly not what you want if you are female.


I mean, usually the masculine is used for plural when there are people from both genders. No?

Even more so if it’s a set phrase from something they like.

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Yes, I was going to get it tattooed in the original order (right-to-left, just like manga), the two columns, so long as the characters matched, thank you again for confirming that :smiley:

Hence my use of the word “possibly” :wink:

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So do you think that perhaps changing the characters to suit watashi-tachi would be better than boku-tachi?

Watashi - tachi —Generally, if you see " tachi " at the end of a pronoun, it means that it’s a plural. So in this case, watashi - tachi means “we”. Boku—Means the same as watashi . The only difference is that boku is strictly used by males, and is somewhat informal.” ← from aunty google

Such as: たちは生きてゆくしかないの

I just wanted to be sure you were aware. I can’t advise you beyond that.

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Well thank you for that, it is very much appreciated.

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Well, if it’s a line from a manga you like, you might want to preserve the original sentence.

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That’s kinda what I had in mind . . .

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I’m a total tattoo snob & I’m very opinionated on this topic so feel free to disregard my opinion but…

I think you need to consider that in Japan tattoos are a big no-no. So if you want to honor the culture you love the most by getting a tattoo, that’s kind of backwards. You also don’t understand the language, so getting it tattooed on you is kind of weird (especially Japanse people make fun of foreigners doing this).

Get the translated version, or better yet, get a picture that represents the feelings that you want to convey. Tattoos are an art form. Consider getting some actual art, that will fit your body and look great, instead of a line of text that is meant to be on a flat paper. If the line is from a manga/anime then I’m sure there is lots of imagery to draw from. Getting text has so many disadvantages. It looks off very quickly (unless it’s short) and you will get TONS of people stopping you and asking you what it says, what language it is in, and if you speak that language.

Just my opinion, of course. But I happen to think that just because it has tons of meaning to you, doesn’t mean it will translate well as a tattoo in the literal form that it is now. Tattoos can have meaning, yeah, but they are also on your body forever so i don’t think making it look good should be very low on the list.


No, any opinions I totally appreciate, and I know there will people that will agree to disagree and that’s fine by me. And I totally know that tattoos are frowned upon in Japan because they are mostly related to the Yakuza gangs and that’s not really something I want to promote when I go over there. Also the place where I’m getting the tattoo is hidden so is meant no offense.
I suppose the reason it means so much to me and the reason why I want to keep it permanently inked on my skin is the fact that it has seriously gotten me through the dark times in my life and is something good I want on me forever to counteract the bad. Everything Japanese kind of has. Hence why I’m going to Japan young, just in case the unavoidable happens. I suppose the other good thing was the fact that it was originally written in Japanese script, so I’m not taking away from its meaning or twisting the order of the words around.

I really appreciated your opinion, it was very thoughtful and considerate to all aspects.


I guess it just reminds me of that time I was 18 and wanted to get a guitar tattooed on me. I do not play the guitar. But I listened to guitar music a lot and it got me through some hard times. I made an appointment and everything but I had the sense to book with a good tattoo artist and the appointment was like 8 months away. By the time it came around I realized that it would not be a good idea because I DON’T PLAY THE GUITAR AND NEVER HAVE and I was about to get something inked on my skin that only peripherally had something to do with me and really belonged to other people. I don’t even listen to that much guitar music nowadays and I physically cringe looking back at the example pictures I had back then. I’m so so so glad I didn’t get that.

So maybe, even if you’re very sure, book your appointment 6+ months ahead. Just to make extra sure.


I like this advice a lot. I use the concept for shopping. If I still want that thing 1-2 months later, I buy it.