Help me with this Kanji - Stardew Valley

I started playing Stardew Valley in Japanese for practice, but I came across a Kanji I didn’t recognize and could find using the 部首 on Jisho or through the Stardew Anki Deck

It’s the one right before 伝. The whole sentence as far as I can tell is:



I think it’s 秘伝. 秘伝レシピ= secret recipe. The '必’ component of 秘 is often written like that in handwriting style.


Ahh thank you so much. I knew there was something I was missing. The Stardew font is tricky to say the least.

Oh my gosh, I was right there with you. I searched on jisho for forever trying to figure that one out. I have an ongoing excel spreadsheet of all the vocab I’ve discovered in Stardew from my current playthrough.


Awesome! Yeah, I think the handwriting-like font is pretty challenging in a good way, even with instances like this.

I don’t think I’ll need to keep track of this though. 秘伝 read as “hidden” is going to be real easy to remember. :wink:

This actually helps with quite a few of the other Kanji in the game. :slight_smile:

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for a second I thought you meant ひっでん


Uh, “Great Legend”? I’m probably missing something for this one. lol

“hidden” in romaji would be ひっでん in hiragana.

秘伝 is ひでん (hiden)

But I assumed you were using the English word hidden as a mnemonic? Or something. Maybe I’m just confused myself.


Haha, yeah, exactly. Although I know what you mean when you get into that state where you automatically parse english text into kana. :wink:

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