*SOLVED! Thanks!* Help! Handwritten kanji is too blurry, can't tell which radicals it has...!

I’m trying to find this kanji (pic below) that I don’t know! Its from a handwritten side note in a manga, but its too tiny and blurry for me to accurately recognize the radicals. Anyone out there in WaniKaniLand recognize it? Please help!!!

Kanji 1


Edit: If it helps, the rest of the sentence is "で眠らせて”, lol.

I think it might be 倒 or 側. Hard to tell though.

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側 I think.

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Thank you!!! I believe it’s 側, since that makes perfect sense within the context. For some reason, I kept thinking the right-side radical was 剣, but there is no kanji with that and the leader radical lol :sweat_smile:

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That’s what I thougt too, 側 makes sense here.

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Thanks for the second opinion! Its nice to know I’m not just making things up in my head haha :sweat_smile:

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