Stardew Valley Vocab Frequency List

So I started playing Stardew Valley in Japanese and came across this Anki deck with all the dialogue in the game.

I used MorphMan’s Readability Analyzer to parse the text into separate words and sort them by frequency, so if anyone is interested here it is.


I made it into an anki, it’s a really simple deck with the front showing the word and the back has the translation, if you want to add more to it feel free, the translations are from a translator, DeepL, so they aren’t the best for every word. I also removed some of the first 20 words since they were just particles.!Au6-LjcxSc3oa_e7lgx2rEOB1_k

This is just the excel with translations, it doesn’t include the removed words.!Au6-LjcxSc3ocNOJ3qOT_a2DX08?e=b4gsFv


Looks good. :slight_smile:

There are a few things I should point out:

  1. 思う is on there twice: row 23 and 25
  2. Not sure why you’re translating 君 as “sovereign”.
  3. 気 as “disposition” I can kinda see, but by itself it should just be energy.
  4. の as field is only when it’s read that way as part of a word.

Regarding #4, many of the items are like that since the list is the result of a text parsing engine. I went through a few dozen of the items and many are like that, so be careful when using them for cards.

It’s too bad the patreon page with the original Anki deck is no longer there. I would have loved to see that one.

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