地縛少年花子くん | Week 1 Discussion 🚽

Pages 3 - 23

Chapter 1: トイレの花子さん

Start Date: 10th July
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I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile because I had no idea what to expect going in. So far it’s been really charming! I like the art style and character designs. Page 14 was heartbreaking :cry:


I’m just on pg. 16 but I’m finding it very easy to read to far. The artwork is nice and I’m enjoying how the style shifts to reinforce jokes.

So far, the following sentences jumped out at me. Mostly for looking like they’re complicated but actually being extremely easy to understand.
お前みたいな大根足 (this is the sort of thing someone would say to you as a kid and you hate yourself for sometimes remembering 20 years later)


Hi, I got to page 9, and I can’t tell what’s being said in the thought bubble in the panel where Nene introduces herself. Does anybody here know?


I believe that bubble says 意外と単純 like, “oh, this is surprisingly simple”


I think she’s calling Hanako simple, because just calling him かっこいい once buttered him up enough to change his mind about leaving. Not completely sure about that though.


Yeah it’s a bit vague but I feel like that interpretation would definitely make sense! I wasn’t super sure what she was specifically referring to, tbh, and after thinking a bit more, I think you’re right. I feel like if it was the process of making a request she was referring to (which was my other thought), it would maybe have been 簡単, and not 単純…


That’s how I interpreted it.


Got to page 22 so far - some things I could do with some help on:

Page 8

So the trouble here is 通り - I’ve read that の通りに can roughly mean “according to/just as” when attached to nouns, and that it is possible for the に to be dropped, though I haven’t seen this in practice as of yet. It looks like that’s the case here though. So that would mean he’s saying something along the lines of “Besides my gender, it’s just as the rumours state”?

Page 10

Trying to see if I understand correctly - he pulls out a how to guide for romance right? And then explains how it’s safer to do it this way than using his ghostly powers?

Wasn’t quite sure with this - from some looking using DeepL and breaking it down it seems to me like he’s saying "In borrowing from a ghost’s power, you will pay a suitable price?

Then here he’s saying something like "If you desire power which surpasses human intellect, the price becomes heavier, but I’m not entirely sure what the それだけ part is doing here

Page 17

So the topic is “will it become the same (as before)?” right? Since you’ve got the か marking a question, then after the は, やってみなきゃ is a conditional of やってみる since なきゃ is a contraction of なければ if I remember correctly (at first I was thinking it was the “must” contraction, but thinking about it further, the わかんない wouldn’t fit if that was the case). And then わかんない is a casual version of 分からない right? So putting it all together it would be “‘will it be the same as before?’ - if you don’t try, you won’t know”


I’m not 100% sure but I’ll throw my hat in the ring with some comments.

pg. 8

I think you’re pretty spot on with this one. There’s a page on bunpro with translations as “just as”, “exactly”, and “precisely”. I might word it as “But, except for my gender, I’m just like the rumours you’ve heard”, so same meaning as you.

pg. 10

When I first read the page I didn’t realize there was a grammar point for からには which is “so long as” or “since”. So, “So long as you borrow a ghost’s power, you pay me appropriate compensation.”

For the second sentence, upon first reading I broke down それだけ as “only that”, but I think with the sentence it probably means “that much”. "If you want as much power that exceeds human intellect, the compensation becomes heavier.

pg. 17

Your guess is actually better than mine here…


Looks like @matthewsa has you covered on the first two. For the third one, I think you are right on.


Nice job breaking these down! I agree with all of your and Matthew’s interpretations.

For the first one, check out this grammar point as well. とおり | Japanese Grammar SRS

For the third point, your breakdown is spot on. なきゃ is indeed a contraction of なければ, and it carries the exact same meaning as in the must contraction. If it said ”やってみなきゃいけない” it would literally mean “If you don’t try it won’t go well” (いける ~= go well), so like you said "やってみなきゃわかんない” means “if you don’t try you won’t know”.


Thanks all (@matthewsa and @aamunoz) for the help - I find that half the time when I write down the questions I end up sort of working them out in the process, but it’s good to ask anyway to make sure I’m on the right track and to help anyone else who stumbled on those bits


Since I’m trying to read without thinking through everything I don’t know, your questions help me re-evaluate and notice things I missed (like that それだけ). The book clubs are more fun with discussion as well. :slight_smile:


I’m having trouble reading the stylized hiragana on page 8,Nene’s first speech bubble. _ん_なのう_っ?


Its the hiragana for ‘so’


Thanks so much!


I wanted to this manga before so I’m glad there is a book club for it. The speed is too slow for me so I will be in but I will still try to slow down to follow the group. I watched the anime so I have a good idea of what will be happening. I had close to no problem reading it so if you have questions I can help.

This week spoiler

The style is so cute. I really like the drawing style. The dialogues are really funny too. Hanako is killing her with words.

Hanako-san is a classic horror story referred in a lot of different media. You may have already heard about it.


Just got a quick question about what Nene is saying exactly in one bit?


In the top right corner, Nene says:
In response to Hanako asking if anybody will do for her confession.

I took that as roughly this:

‘It’s like that! But it’d be no good if it was you (Hanako-san)!’

However I’m not entirely sure I’m right. The first sentence - ‘it’s like that!’ - I thought that, because of the double negative, it becomes positive, therefore she’s saying it is like that. But then again, I feel like that’s the type of accusation somebody would probably want to defend themselves against, so it’d make more sense for her to deny it? But maybe she doesn’t feel the need to defend herself, as she’s not doing it with malicious intent (at least as far as I remember from the anime haha).

I don’t really know for sure, just hoping somebody could confirm or deny my rough translation.

As I was writing this, another possibility came into my head - perhaps she was saying it was like that, but she doesn’t need it to be like that anymore now that Hanako is here (to help her find love) - I thought this because of the 「もー」 which I guessed was 「もう」, so ‘anymore’.

Again, any help appreciated. Thank you!


It looks like わけない is a word unto itself, meaning “easy” or “simple” - so then that means that she would be saying “It isn’t that simple!” and I feel like the subsequent sentence would express that it’s no good if Hanako does it, however I don’t think there’s a but there

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