Good API/3rd party site for tutor?

Hello! I’m currently using WaniKani in conjunction with taking lessons from a private tutor. I would like for them to be able to access my WaniKani account to not only see my progress, but also add or remove kanji to my practice pool so that my lessons with them and my WaniKani studies reinforce each other, as right now they are kind of separate. Could anyone recommend a good API plugin or 3rd party website that would allow me to do this? Thank you!

I don’t think Wanikani permits this at all. Kanjis are introduced when they are unlocked by the system and they cannot be removed once unlocked. There is no programmatic way to change this behavior.

Your progress may be seen on wkstats.

The main page is a statistics page. The kanji and vocabulary progress is visible in the Items Wanikani submenu.




I know of no such plugin, but if none exists here is what I would do:

Do you need them to know of what you’ve learned so far or what you are struggling with (ie what is sticking around as an apprentice and what not)? If only the former, then they could probably look at what is tagged for your level on a chart like one of these:

I presume by adding or removing stuff from the practice pool you mean remove stuff that WK already covers from the practice pool which they have for you. There are 10k lists that suppress WK content that might be of interest to you:

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