WK stats on JLPT vocab?


I know the stats are currently available for JLPT kanji, but could we get a list by level of what vocabulary WaniKani covers by when?
I understand that this vocab is largely kana only, but maybe we could have a list of which kanji- containing vocab and maybe kana vocab that we learn as the kanji version, like 沢山?
Skipping any vocab that WaniKani doesn’t cover?
I know there are no official lists but apps and sites and Memrise generally have lists of vocab by JLPT level that is likely or possible to come across?.

Maybe if we just focused on the first (kanji containing vocab like 下がる or 楽しい or お母さん, etc, we could at least get a vague measure of how much vocab we’re getting that’s needed?

Is that feasible/reasonable?


Wasn’t this thread pretty much about getting stats on the JLPT vocab or are you looking for something different? Maybe @Vicfred still has his data available that was used for the graphs?


And this shows at least your individual progress as to which Kanji you know for which JLPT level and which are still outstanding but I don’t know about what Kanji are in what level exactly.


Oh I know about idigitech, that’s the site I’m mainly referring to. Knowing the kanji is nice, but it’s so hard it’d be nice to get a good idea of JLPT-vocabulary per level… since that’s way more of an unknown.

Also those graphs are confusing as heck to me, but regardless seem to be kanji focused and not have to do with vocabulary?


Ah I misread your post. You are asking for the vocab that is not within the Kanji that are taught on WK. Yep that sure would be interesting :smiley:


For example, the app Tsukiji shows 491 vocabulary items (not Kanji) for N5, and Obenkyo shows 458 for N5.

Idk why, but Memrise courses on vocabulary for N5, N4, N3 are like double, triple the size… Idk if they’re including kanji or combining with vocabulary from previous levels or showing every vocabulary that has ever shown up on a test or what… so I probably would stay away from those as that’s a tad bit unreasonable.


Well a nice list is here:

However I don’t vouch for them as there is no “official” full vocab list but only approximations and such which is probably why there are different numbers on different sites. Overall it is only officially stated that its around 800 words.
Source (as N5 is the old N4 as stated officially, this should still be true, See the Pdf):
"The examinee has mastered the basic elements of
grammar, knows around 100 kanji and 800 words, "


Well I guess if someone could figure out how to cross reference this list with WaniKani vocabulary and then do a list with percent by level (like there currently is for Kanji) or something approximating it, that would be awesome.