WaniKani Level 1-10 Review Materials

Wanikani 1-10 Excel Word Comparisons

Here is a spreadsheet I’ve been working on to help analyze the words and see them from different points of view. The spreadsheet has several tabs that provide an overview and comparison of the words
from levels 1-10

Excel Tabs include

  • All Vocab Words by Level
  • All Vocab Words sorted by English meaning
  • All Vocab sorted by Kanji
  • Kanji Look-A-Like Words
  • Kanji Sounds
  • Vocab-sounds
  • All Sounds
  • Homophones
  • Verb Conjugations (not finished)
  • A tab to help convert wanikani format to spreadsheet format.

THANK YOU for making this!! I was just wishing for something that would let me see all the words with similar meanings/sounds together in one place. :smile:

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You are so welcome! I will try to post one of these every 10 units.

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Thank you very much!

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Very helpful!

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Wow! That’s really amazing. Great work, well done! Can’t believe there are only two 'entrance’s and two 'construction’s, felt like 90% of what I typed was one of those at that level… :unamused:


Wow! This is amazing and a little scary. :wink: All the time you must’ve spent on this. Many thanks for this!

Thanks. This is great. I think I’ve mistaken all those lookalikes for each other at some point - mostly when I’m in the zone and all is going well :disappointed:

Holy crow!

I have like a dozen half completed spreadsheets whereupon I intended to do the same thing.

Thank you!!! ありがとう!!!

You’re a saint! this is amazing!

I can’t seem to download it at all. Iam tech handicapped too. So don’t really know what to ask for.

Thank you!! This is really excellent, and a nice addition to the learning.

Thank you so much for your work! I’m printing this right away to help me study!

That’s great, thank you!

Wow, nice work and much appreciated, good to have all of it in one place! Thanks for all your efforts on this.

Not to be nitpicky, but why does it seem like every row has a different font choice?

This is amazing! Thank you!

Thank you very much

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks ! Really helpful !