Core 10k non-WK sort by frequency [Spreadsheet]

It was Advanced words with easy kanji (a list) by Leebo gave me the idea. Also, top 15000 words in Japanese.

I have studied Core 10k breakdown down to level 31, having no energy left to study down to level 1. Reading the post by Leebo gave me the idea. I might just study #1000 or #5000 frequency only.

So, I exported the whole Core 10k excluding WK tag into the spreadsheet; and then sort by frequency column.

I myself will study a limited list of L1-10, L11-20, L21-30.

Please see if you find this useful. You might as well export this into Memrise (because I probably wonโ€™t. I have had problem importing things into there.)

Now, for the version I am planning to export to Anki.


Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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Hey, thanks for making this! :slight_smile: One question: the difference between file 1 and file 2 is that one is about the top 10k words ( - WK ones) while the other is the top 15k words ( - WK ones). Is that it?

It is same same. Difference is just the sorting as you can see on the sheet name.

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Oh, got it! :slight_smile: Thank you for this!

Does anyone have Anki decks for these? I canโ€™t figure out how to do it myself.

Here you go. If you want to remove the WK overlap just search for the โ€œWKโ€ tag and suppress it.

[Core 10k WK Breakdown]

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Perfect. Thanks!

does any one have the column titles. I know many of these are self explanatory but there are a good deal of numbers in columns and Iโ€™d like to know what they refer to. thanks!


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