Good Anki Deck for Genki?

Anybody here that can recommend a really good Anki Deck for Genki? I’ve tried using this deck in this reddit post;

but half of the cards say “missing back template”.


Maybe you can try It creates an anki deck for Genki for you, you just have to choose Genki in the drop down menu. You can also choose the chapters, if you want kanji and the card direction.

I have created a deck with this tool before but not for Genki. So I can’t vouch for the result you get.

Thanks for the reply, will check it out.

There is the deck created by @hinekidori:
I regret I discovered it too late, when I almost finished some random Genki deck.
There are also other decks by the same author that you might find interesting in the future:


I get this error on cards that use only Katakana spelling. What should I do about this?
For example, on the card for “Britain” (イギリス) I get the message:

Back template has a problem:
Found ‘⁨{{Kanji}}⁩’, but there is no field called ‘⁨Kanji⁩’

I’ve also noticed that it basically confirms if you’re right or not by autocompleting the kanji from the hiragana. It would be more useful if it transformed the hiragana to kanji after I submitted the answer, no? Is there a way to accomplish this?

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