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Hi everyone. I’ve started to learn Japanese not so long ago and currently trying to master Anki. So I’m trying to create my own deck. I really like one of hinekidori’s template (this one https://i.imgur.com/RwMMcLx.png) and want to modify it a bit for personal use but I couldn’t figure out how to export only card template (Fields and Cards) without deck itself. Is it even possible in Anki?


1280253613 (this is the add on code to run Javascript within Anki) *Looks like this add on does not support Anki 2.1. I was playing with the demo and sometimes it gets code errors. Usually on the first card you practice.

This is the Templet. You can just delete the demo stuff. As cool as it is to have Anki look like WaniKani are you just trying to review your WaniKani in Anki or do you want to build a customer deck? I ask because KaniWani exists.

Seeing as the code is a little buggy I could offer suggestions for building a custom anki deck based on what I put together it’s pretty basic but it offers what I consider the meat and potatoes of Vocab memorization for beginners. Here is a screenshot

Seems like this add-on doesn’t work with my version https://i.imgur.com/VhXpIKw.png

Yeah, I got error on the first card too.

I’m trying to build a custom deck. I also want to create some decks for English lessons based on this template from hinekidori in the near future so I really want to figure out how Anki works in general. Especially how to edit templates. Unfortunally I know nothing about CSS :frowning_face:

Don’t worry it’s not that hard to figure out. There are 100 videos showing you how to edit and modify stuff. You don’t have to have a fancy pants interface. Anki is a great tool.

Here is the link to all the 2.1 supported add-ons. I wish I could walk you through everything but I don’t have time to type everything out. Here are my suggestions: Download Japanese support and Anki Connect for starters. Install YomiChan Chrome browser extension.

YouTube is your friend here. Later you can install different scripts to make the UI more pleasant but for now focus on getting the Japanese integration going.

Here are screenshots of my coding for the RECOGNITION + RECALL cards. I also snapped a shot of the “fields” so that you could have them organized similarly.

Also you could download the “japanese core” shared decks here if you want to save yourself the trouble of making a custom deck in the beginning.

Thank you! I’ll check this out. I have a question about Japanese support add-on. Why do I need it? Doesn’t it only work when the note type contains “Japanese” in its name?

I found this video particularly useful when I was first setting up Anki. Gave me a foundation for my cards and then I modified the code to do what I wanted later. End result was the picture I linked.

So Japanese support is important because it generates a premade card TYPE for you that has a recognition and recall format. What makes it important is that it generates FURIGANA for you. That’s when the hiragana is spelled on top of the kanji.

If you copy and paste an unknown kanji into the create a card it will automatically spell it for you. Once that is all set up if you install AnkiConnect and Yomichan you can add words to your deck by simply highlighting them while browsing in Chrome. It will automatically import them with audio samples and whatever else you want.

I use hinekidori’s deck Core 10k Vocabulary. There are also recognition and recall cards.I just suspend all and enable only words I’ve already learned here :grinning: I probably will use this deck as a template for my own deck in the future. I’ve just started so there is no need for me to create my own deck or add new words from the internet. I think WaniKani is enough for me right now. Thanks for your help anyway!

Could you link me that Deck I would like to check it out and can’t seem to find it online.


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Hey thanks for the heads up on the Anki deck stuff. I completely overhauled my Anki set up over the past two days. There post you linked me was a good start but a lot of the code is broken without the java plug in. I found this post here where someone built upon someone else’s code and it works surprisingly well with no script adjustments.

It plays well with my Yomichan extension whereas the first posts code would break the AnkiConnect script. Here is a few screenshots of what it looks like. It also has a pink template for Kanji but I don’t think I really need that with WaniKani.

It’s actually insanely amazing what I was able to set up here. It has built in IME which is nice for quickly typing in answers. I have recognition + recall + audio recall cards for vocab, for the kana (hirigana only words) I hear the word first and then I hear it in a sentences. I also tweaked the code and imported a 10k katakana deck. It has recognition and audio recall cards.

I nearly passed out from how much time I sunk into this but it does everything. Everything! I even made note lines for Mnemonic input and I’m gonna make an additional line for conjugations soon.

The only thing I have to do is manually input the audio for the katakana but I usually do that stuff as I study the cards so it’s done over a long period of time. The Yomichan deck automatically get the definitions and audio samples and loads them into the same script separately so I can build a custom deck for uncommon words that uses all the same features.

Also it has script written for mobile in it but I have not played around with what it does yet. I think it may be multiple choice answers.

Edit: Checked the mobile intgration tonight. It definitely has a multiple choice templet and works pretty well. It has an annoying timer I’m not a fan of so I’ll modify that script later.

You can also check this out. I like this one better.

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Good find. I just imported the code and I think I’ll just use it to mod a few sections of what I already have set up. Thanks!

Are you familiar with html and css?

Not at all. I just tamper with it until I figure out how to make it do what I want. I do have a good friend who is a coder but I’m saving calling him until I really need help!

I also found a conjugations deck which is going to save me a lot of time!

So you are just like me then xD. I saw and downloaded conjugation deck but it’s too early for me to care about things like that.

The only thing about the conjugation deck I am worried about is it having all 50 someodd forms. I just want the most important ones for now. I read that it was ordered so you would get easier verbs to start but I may be interested in suspending the more rare forms.

Edit: I just went through them and counted. It seems there are 14 conjugations per word. Which doesn’t sound as scary as 50. Plus, it seems like there is a description for each one so it’s kind of like a lesson. I think after I learn the forms I don’t know yet it won’t be that terrible.

I just found this companion site for conjugations although I kind of like the Anki deck more to be honest because it adds teaching points.