Going About A Lot of Lessons

Hello! I just reached level two and I now have about 70 lessons. How should i go about this where it won’t be overwhelming when the reviews hit me. Should I just do like 10 lessons a day or do them all at once?

Thank you in Advance!


A hint most of users here will say to you is to pay attention to apprentice.

Before hell levels I always kept at max 100 itens in apprentice. As soon as it hits below that number, I did new lessons.

After hell levels and since I started bunpro, I started keeping my apprentice at 90 max. Sometimes I spend even a week without any new lesson, just review a pile of average 180 daily reviews.

Dont do everything at once unless you just have all free day to study and nothing else to do. Otherwise you will have a huge pile of reviews and ‘leeches’ (items you dont get right no matter how much you study, you keep forgetting them) will start to pile as well.

are you familair with scripts? Without then I wouldnt have gone far here. I use anki mode (so I dont type the answer), vertical review (to become familiar with traditional way of reading).

Keep on doing 10 lessons a day for 1-2 weeks to figure out if you want to/can go faster. How was your load so far? If manageable, you can up the number of lessons. If not, do lesson, like 5, for instance.

Also, would be worth starting some grammar or a textbook on the side at some point.


How hard do you want to push yourself? Brute-forcing lessons will get you to level 60 faster, but if that will ruin the fun of learning Japanese, pace yourself. You can always reset later if you’re feeling discouraged. Don’t be afraid of failure. It is inevitable.


I think the same way as @WeebPotato. Pick a number of daily lessons and if the workload is too much, do fewer; if the workload is too light, do more.

The best number to pick is the one that gives the number of reviews you’d be willing and able to do even on the busiest day of the week (or the one you are the most tired/lowest mode, that kinda thing). Better to have extra in the tank on good days (spend that energy/time on other Japanese studies such as grammar, reading, listening, etc.), and then on bonkers days still be able to manage your daily load.

At least, that is how I do it. :slight_smile:


I’m new to this site, how do I enable those two modes? I think it’d be easier for me that way.

they are scripts, not modes made by WK team itself.

Here you can see a tutorial how to install them depending on your webbrowser

and the script list here:

Thank you! I’m going to try what @linchou suggested and if that doesn’t work out i will try the method that you do! And I will definitely install some scripts!


Thank you! I will use the method you mentioned and see how it works for me! And yes, right now I am using genki for my grammar and plan to use torri srs for my vocab!


Thank you very much!

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Do them all. :smiling_imp:

If you don’t want it to be overwhelming, first figure out how much is too much, and then don’t go over that. I think 10 lessons a day is pretty standard. Doing more than that will quicken your pace, but increase your review load. I’m currently doing 20 a day and sometimes I get hit with 40 items at once, especially if I ended up doing my lessons later at night and then have to do the next review session when I wake up.

Also, another bit of advice I don’t see all too often: If it fits into your schedule and it works for you, I highly suggest doing your lessons either as soon as you wake up or in the afternoon. I do mine sometime between noon and 2 pm and this allows me to get through the first review session on the same day I did the lesson so it solidifies my memory and I also don’t have to wake up to a ton of reviews in the morning. It also helps create a routine.

Best of luck~!

the only correct way :relieved:

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