Doing all your lessons as soon as you get them?

Heeeeey friends! Just checking is it dumb, and a thing that will cause me to be completely lost if i do literally all my lessons the moment I get them? Just curious, cuz I don’t want to ruin my Japanese learning ^^;

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You’re probably okay during the first, like, five levels doing all your lessons at once, but eventually, you’ll get buried under all the new information you’ll be taking in if you do it every level, and you’ll want to limit your lessons to a certain amount a day.

15 or 20 is a pretty reasonable amount per day, but it’s a personal thing. Different for everyone.


I mean, if it works for you then it works. I personally see no reason not to spread out your workload evenly, but if you dont want to then you dont have to. If you’re getting low % scores on your reviews, maybe then its time to rethink tho.

I did that for a few levels and then I started doing like 30 a day.

I have been doing that from level 1. Recently I sometimes split new level Kanji and Vocab onto different days, but mostly just do all lessons when I can.

Only consequence is you get some days with 300 reviews and others with less than 50. If you don’t mind, then should be fine. If you don’t like marathon review sessions, might be better to split lessons into daily chunks.

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If you have the motivation/drive to do it at level 3 I say go for it. As your workload increases the rhythm of how you deal with your workload may change as well and that’s fine too.

I don’t do that because I know I get discouraged if I end up with over 150 reviews a day too often.

As you level up you’ll find a good rhythm to avoid burnout. I’m slow so I tend to do lessons only when my apprentice items dip below 80.

The answer is “do whatever works for you.” Keep in mind that early levels are not representative of WK workload down the line though, so don’t feel like you have to commit to doing it one way or another – what works for you now could very well not work for you later. By the time Burn reviews start rolling in, maintaining WK max pace takes ~2+ hours a day between new lessons (you only need to do 22 daily) and ~200 daily reviews, give or take some depending on your accuracy.

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Oh wow okay thank you everyone this is good advice! Haha I was just a bit worried cuz like I love the huger review sessions but I kept seeing other threads giving tips on how to space out your reviews and i was just wondering if it’ll just 100% badly affect my learning if I messed it up y’know? Thank you guys I hope I was no bother!

I’m excited to get through this level so I can subscribe and carry through Wanikani for much longer! >w<///

So basically if I ever realize I’m doing too much I can probably just do less I assume, and find a better pace?


Yup, that’s the gist of it. Everyone needs to find their own pace eventually. The amount of lessons will grow over time. And as soon as you start burning items, your review numbers will explode anyway ^^

Yep, that’s one of the strengths (and potential pitfalls) of self-guided learning. A couple weeks ago I hit a snag where I really did not want to be doing WK. Memory for anything kanji related turned into an absolute sieve. So, I took a week off from lessons, just trying to keep afloat with the incoming reviews. It was difficult to make the decision to break my 8-day average, but it was definitely necessary for me to take a breather and regroup myself. In the grand scheme of Japanese-learning, an extra week is a drop in the ocean compared to the 4 - 5+ years it’ll take to reach a satisfactory proficiency.

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I do all of my lessons when I get them (and generally all of my reviews too, even if it’s upwards of three or four hundred), but that’s a personal choice. I know my brain can handle that much input without forgetting anything or making a bunch of errors. I’d 10000% recommend testing what you can handle when it comes to lessons! I skip the radicals because I find them pointless, which helps my lesson + review process go by much quicker. That’s kind of my secret lol.

Edit: I’ve done this since LVL 1, so I’m not sure if I’ve just conditioned myself to want everything to zero lol

I do my reviews every day, but I don’t do my lessons right away.
I try to bring down the number of reviews before I start new lessons, because I know that the lessons will be reviewed quite soon after doing them, and if I have too many reviews, it is first of all too tiring to do all of them, and second of all, it is too much to remember at once. That is what works for me.

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