Lesson Help, Please!

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I think that pretty much sums it up.

Maybe you can handle 10 or 15 lessons per day and slowly knock it out?


Yup, 10-15 lessons per day and you’ll be done in less than a month. Don’t sweat it too much, just work through them steadily. Did you take a break for while?

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The nice thing about lessons is that as long as you aren’t using a reorder script, you can take them as slowly as you want, safe in the knowledge that the problem isn’t going to get any bigger on its own.

As others have suggested, find some comfortable number of lessons to do every day, and don’t worry too much about the big pink number.


As somebody who did use a reordwr script for a long time … don’t!

Been whittling them down for weeks now, and currently at 347.


Not really. I did all my lessons right after I reached a level until level 10. At that point I decided I really couldn’t do 180+ apprentice queues and tried spacing it out. You can see how that went :sweat:

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I may be mistaken, but I think that number of lessons is only achievable with the reorder script, which as others have recommended I would suggest against using if you are having difficulties keeping your lesson number low.

If you’re not using the reorder script (or just recently stopped), I don’t think a large number of lessons is really something to worry too much about. You’ll be going through the content in the same order as everyone else, and if you’re not up for doing lessons after finishing all your reviews, it would probably be fair to say you wouldn’t be up for many more reviews. It’s a way of pacing yourself. My suggestion would be to worry more about your review load than level up speed. If you have too many daily reviews, be okay with having that high lesson count for a while, and when your workload is back at a manageable level, do some lessons.

Giving up going full speed was something I had a hard time doing, especially after I had maintained a streak of weekly level-ups for so long, but I find I’m much more relaxed when doing WaniKani and I have more time for studying Japanese in other ways. It’s good to push yourself, but don’t lose sight of the actual goal.


Yeah, script shenanigans was my first thought since I didn’t think you could accumulate that many without skipping the vocab.

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Its not good to skip vocab. Vocab helps the kanji stick. Its the reason we are learning kanji, to be able to learn and read vocab. Skipping vocab only helps you get to 60 faster, whats the point? Its just a number, you are here paying because you want to learn kanji.

If I were in your place I would plow through them in a week or two, then stop doing any new lessons if you guru anything, wait until your apprentice goes back down to around 100, then continue without reordering.

Thanks, but I’m not skipping vocab nor using a reorder script.

Man, I wish that was true :joy:. Plain old laziness seems to do the job just as well.

Oh… I didnt think you can get that many lessons without it though. I must be mistaken, but anyhow I still recommend doing the lessons and waiting to guru most of your apprentice.

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For me, it wasn’t about skipping vocab, but rather about wanting to make sure I didn’t have to wait too long between lessons. This was back when I was more active because I was preparing for a trip, and I’d run out of lessons and have to wait a long time to guru the latest radicals/kanji.

Also, because I’d gotten the radicals/kanji into my queue early, I didn’t feel pressure to speed through the vocab. I like to take my time to read all the context sentences, which can tale quite a lot of time.

So, it worked well when I was going strong, but once I slowed down, it really came back to bite me.

I see absolutely no problem in having 100-150 lessons waiting, my current count is 133, for example. I’m not rushing more than 12 lessons per day, so upon level up that’s what I see. It will be suicidal (for me) to do 100 lessons per day, since I will not learn that much on one day and will not keep up with reviews.

Reviews are completely different story, those better be zeroed each night.

One need to do 8878 lessons to go thru all WK content. Divide by the number of days you want it to be done, and proceed at steady pace.


Another tactic you can try is setting aside a chunk of time on the weekends, and doing 5 lessons with a 10-minute break. That way you don’t get exhausted but you can get a decent amount of lessons done.

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