Genki! Tell me about it!

I just got myself Genki 1 and the workbook!!

I’m excited to start working through it and would be interested to hear anyones experiences with it/ tips!!

other than that I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

thanks guys <3


One big tip I will say is to do the listening exercises! I and many people that I know or by reading things on the internet didn’t focus on listening to the exercises from the book; just focused on reading.

It will help you a lot in the long run if you make that a part of your studying! :smiley:


Do the workbook, and try to get off romaj asap. You’re already doing WaniKani, so you probably are familiar enough with the characters. But write what you can and practice all the skills you can. Get an iTalk tutor for speaking practice and to answer questions you have about the chapter.


This! Also highly recommend “shadowing” with the audio.

How to shadow

First, listen to the dialog.
Next, practice reading the script aloud at your own pace.
Then try and read along with the dialog recording.
—repeat until you can say it with them exactly.
—expert mode is when you can say it without looking at the script

Time consuming, but honestly helps with so much. I.e. conversation, prononciation, listening, reading


I’ve been using this site to do the practice exercises from the textbook and the workbook exercises. It’s super helpful to have immediate feedback. Just be sure to choose “written” (rather than “multiple choice”) for the exercise type!


I’m doing Genki as well and just started chapter 6, and I didn’t know about this site until now. Your link is gonna help me tremendously! Thanks a lot :pray: :cherry_blossom:


It’s a good textbook. Good luck with your studies!


I just got the books today as well and will start working through it! Is there a community on here who are going through Genki 1? Would be great to chat to other learners at the same level! @travissmith happy to practice with you :slight_smile:

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If you have the spare income, I recommend using TokiniAndy in conjunction with Genki. He talks through all the grammar points in the books (he has done Genki I and II and is working through Quartet now, I believe) in a way that makes it so much easier to grasp, for me at least, than just by reading through the textbook. He goes into more detail, gives bonus examples, has listening and shadowing videos for each lesson, plus tests you can check your knowledge with. He and Yuki are really helpful as well when it comes to correcting your work/knowledge. Oh, and they’ve just started releasing level-appropriate immersion material so you can start reading pretty early on.


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