Genki vol 1 survival guide

I made a lengthy reddit post last night with the intention of helping folks that are currently going through Genki vol 1. I went through Genki 1 twice (finished it, burned out, took 8 months off, forgot just about everything, and went through it all again) and the notes I made the first time through helped me a lot. I thought about making a blog site or something but that’s too much work (that I don’t have time for) and I don’t think it will reach enough people that way. So, for those interested, the post is here:


Thanks for this! I’m gonna compare your notes with mine, but I know just from looking over what you wrote that I was feeling some of the same frustrations.

Oh! Good to know I’m not crazy LOL! When you have the time, I’d be really curious to know how your notes differ from mine (if at all)

Might have to look this over when I get a chance - I studied with Nakama, which I’ve heard is fairly similar to Genki.

I added a lot to my Genki notes. If I recall correctly, I was pretty comfortable up until chapter 9. Then I started supplementing grammar points with Bunpro-linked resources and Japanese Ammo with Misa. There were several instances when I went to add things to my Bunpro queue and realized I had more basics to learn before I could. Sooo, I just make those resources part of my Genki studying experience and it’s been working out!

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Here’s an old thread with similar intent. I found it helpful so far.

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I just finished the Genki 1+ workbook and while I’m feeeling very tempted to jump straight to the 2nd book, you just gave me a great idea.

I’m gonna go through the book again picking up some topics that I don’t feel too confortable and review them with other resources. I liked the Japanese Ammo since she makes a lot of example sentences. I’ve used her videos to learn about the short form, ~たい and ~すぎる.

One thing that I feel like isn’t very clear in the book, its that the combination with the ~すぎ/~すぎる uses the ~ます stem of the verb, and on the book it just says something to the effect of: uses the stem of the verb. Which one?..

But this is actually a great resource for someone just starting with Genki, so they don’t waste time in confusion.

Genki (and Nakama) calls the ます stem just “stem”.

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Thanks for this! I’m using Genki 1 for my highschool language course, but I’m homeschooled so it’s pretty much self-studying.

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