Genki I - Speaking - Study Group

I’m gonna go out of a limb here…

Would anyone be interested if I hosted a Genki zoom conference once a week? I’m going through Genki I with my tutor but I don’t have a true university class to speak with. Would anyone be interested in joining a group to practice speaking lessons. I also have Integrated Intermediate, and Tobira that we can move on to next year.

I would host the Zoom, we don’t need to use video. Once a week for the next year we could work through one chapter’s worth of speaking assignments.

Post here if you like this idea and we can decide a time. I hope this is allowed.


I would be interested. I’ve been self studying Genki for about 4 months and haven’t had anyone to practice speaking with.

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I assume you’re not in Japan? If the time zones work out, I would be interested! My spoken Japanese is utter trash, and I wouldn’t mind practicing with other learners.


If you’re still interested, I would love to join in on something like this!

I’m also interested if the offer is still available

I would also be interested in joining if the time difference allows. I’m in Japan teaching English and don’t really have a place to practice speaking.

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I would like to try it out if you’re still accepting members! I’ve started on Genki earlier this year and should be good to go from wherever your group is at right now. In any case, this is a wonderful idea and I hope it’s working out well!

Sorry Y’all I don’t know how I missed all of these!

There is a discord for Practicing Genki Now:

Check it out!

@Dirigible @Li_Demi_97 @Eybelle @BarelyFragile

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Joined! Thank you!

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I’d be interested too.

Very cool, thank you so much for letting me know!

I’m not really using Genki, but using youtube for lessons and all. Is it okay to still join the discord group? unless there is already a zoom meeting then i’d love to join too!

Thank you! I just joined.


So… The hard thing about speaking is that even if you know something, it can be hard to produce the speaking with out help to cue your memory. Then if someone is like we’re going to talk about parks, your like of I remember things now. I find that using a text book to help give you something to talk about can be great.

I imagine that in the Genki group someone will post a picture of an exercise and then you all can speak about it.

If you have a different idea for practice I’m all ears and we can plan something different.

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I joined! Thanks

I’d be down to join if y’all are still accepting people.

I have an ongoing Genki 1 virtual study group with a couple of Japanese native volunteer every Saturday but it’s on an old virtual world called Second Life. Personally, I think Discord or VR Chat would actually be more user-friendly compared to Second Life, but I’m just laying this out here as it is an existing study group that I’m already part of.

More details are in the link above and sorry to be riding on your post. I’m really hoping that your Genki Zoom Conference or something similar could work out soon because I think that’s a much better idea. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I would be interested in joining this Genki discord group. How do I join? Thanks!

Hi! I post a link above.

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