Genki I - Speaking - Study Group

The invite for the discord is invalid :confused:

I am also interested in joining the group!

I apologize. It must have been closed recently.

Hi @wicchi! That’s such a great idea to create something like this! I’m interested in committing to this if you can take another member. :jp: :woman_teacher:t2: :books:

If so, would it be possible to open the invite? Thank you :blush:

Marika :hibiscus:

I don’t know if this is still going on, but I was wondering this very thing this week. I was thinking about using Zoom to actually get with other people and practice. I never get to hear anyone speak Japanese or have a learning environment. I don’t know much about speaking it, but it would be nice.


@Greenfire311, I think it’s closed now. I was thinking about getting myself a weekly tutor and hoping to start a group myself sometime in the near future, maybe with a limit to 4-5 committed members -let’s keep in touch if you’re still interested then :wink: btw, I’m PST what about you?

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What’s PST?

Pacific Time.

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I’m also interested in joining a study group! Definitely don’t get enough chances to practice speaking

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Ahhhhhhh. Yes. Got it. I’m Eastern.

I am interested as well. I am also going through genki but without speaking it is not helping much.Would love to join your group.
PS - I am from India

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