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I was wondering, because there are about 250 kanji (out of 2472 lol), not covered by WaniKani, does WaniKani intend on putting those in, or are they just so rare that they’re unnecessary. Also, if WaniKani puts in new kanji and vocabulary, do we receive new lessons in order for us to learn them? I’m only on lesson 13 so obviously I don’t need to worry about this for a while LOL but I’m just interested.

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If new levels are added, there will be a big unmissable announcement.

If new items are added to levels that are already passed, they’ll automatically appear in your lessons.

Both of these have happened in the past (levels 51-60 were added a year or two ago; items are occasionally added to levels, although it’s been a while since the last time this happened).


They weren’t kanji, but a few items were added Jun 28 this year


Where did you get those numbers? A typical Japanese adult can usually read around 3000 kanji. The top level of the Kanji Kentei covers over 6000. The largest kanji dictionary has roughly 50,000. Obviously the rarity increases the farther you go, but I’m just curious where you got a small number (and very specific number) like 2472.


(Jōyō kanji - Wikipedia)

not quite the same number, but close!

What about it? I’m not sure anyone here is unaware of the jouyou kanji. But yeah, if they meant some kind of classification, then it’s worth specifying, because otherwise it sounds like 2472 is the total number of existing kanji.

I just added the numbers from the statistics data of my account from idigtech – which was talking about the number of kanji not covered by WaniKani – but I just looked at it again and it said for the JLPT. So WaniKani only doesn’t cover ~250 something kanji on the JLPT N1. So the number was clearly way off lol. Other than that, I’m actually shocked to know that there even are more than 5,000 kanji. I don’t doubt it, but again I’m amazed.

Yeah, I actually asked a question about the JLPT N1 kanji not included a while ago. Turns out a lot of them aren’t super useful as they are mainly just used for names. I hope if they add more they dont just go by JLPT and instead go by freq and add these


The kanji were adopted from Chinese texts, and they have loads of characters. 羶 “smelling like a sheep” may come in handy someday.

There is a simple rule to build new ones, so theoretically the number is not fixed either. The Japanese “invented” some that were backported to China, like 込. However, the number of “usual ones” is fixed, thankfully.

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The reason for the discrepancy is that there is no official list. So it’s not like the JLPT actually said that it was going to put every joyo kanji on the test. People just use the joyo as an easy shortcut to estimating the kanji covered.

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I’m just curious if wanikani is going to stay static like this in levels, or if there are any plans in adding more levels in the future. I’m considering upgrading to lifetime and this is an important point I want to make clear

I believe they’ve said there isn’t likely they’ll add more levels. Either way don’t count on it.

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