WaniKani Updates June 28, 2017

We did a mini content update today! Just some simple quality of life stuff to deal with some issues.



  • [Level 6→4] Loiter
  • [Level 26→19] Ego



  • [Level 4] 央 - Changed primary meaning to “center”
  • [Level 16] 存 - Changed primary meaning to “exist”
  • [Level 16] 辞 - Added “word” to meanings (Fixing mnemonics for 辞書, 辞典, 修辞学, 措辞)



  • [Level 52→54] 傲慢
  • [Level 18→20] 皿洗い
  • [Level 20→22] 経験者


  • [Level 5] 〜年来 - Was 年来, but is a suffix
  • [Level 7] 〜札 - Was 札, but ふだ is a suffix
  • [Level 45] 翔る - Was 翔ける, which is irregular okurigana usage

(Somehow these words that we added over the last 2 years never appeared, so we’re just correcting that. Whoopsies! Enjoy the “new” words.)

  • [Level 7] 〜時
  • [Level 11] 〜付き
  • [Level 12] 都市
  • [Level 15] 頑丈
  • [Level 26] 独裁
  • [Level 45] 小包


  • 才人
  • 先年

lol I have reviewed that like 5 times within the last week (my problem was remembering if it was さいじん or さいにん)



〜時 hasn’t unlocked for me despite my having the kanji guru’d. Do I have to wait until I level up, review the kanji again?

It can take up to 24 hours for new items to appear in your lesson queue.

Wahahaha. Burn in hell, 才人 and 先年. Both have been leeches for me for too long.


This is useful for when I’m discussing トランプ with my Japanese friends.


Are you seeing the vocabulary now?

Yes, I am. Thanks!

Why were the three vocab items removed? I am curious as to your reasoning behind it. I know that 農 for example is considered a common word. I notice that the other two seem to be not as common, but they are still valid words, correct?

We have two of our native speakers going over all of the vocabulary on WK at the moment and they marked those three for deletion. Here are their comments:

農 - Mami: We don’t commonly use “farming” by itself like this
才人 - Kanae: Uncommon
先年 - Kanae: Old and uncommon


I was wondering what was up with these new lessons coming up despite me not gurud anything recently.


Thanks for the quick and informative reply!

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先年 forever haunted me also so I’m glad it’s gone


I just leveled up to 26 a few days ago and still in the process of guru-ing the radical “ego”. Now it shows as unlocked:

And on the timeline sneak peek it looks broken now.

Should I be concerned? Anyway there aren’t any level 19 kanji (yet) with this radical, why the move? Will a kanji move follow?

Edit: the radical ego does not appear under the list of radicals for level 19 either. Here’s to hoping for no glitches.

It’s also a little weird to have the radical so many levels before its first kanji.

It’s probably my fault though. I told WK that the radical “righteousness” referenced the radical “ego” even though “ego” appeared later. Oops.

Both the ego and loiter radicals are referenced in other explanations. Loiter in 行 at level 5 and ego in 義 at level 20. They were moved about a year ago based on user reports that they were not being used, but after the move we received complaints about their usage in those kanji. That’s why they were moved back. And no, the kanji will not be moving.

As for it not being unlocked, that’s @viet’s wheelhouse.

先年 :cry:
It was fun while it lasted.
I miss you already.
Hope you’ll have a wonderful live.
'Till one day! </3

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I’m seeing ego under both level 19 and 26 on the radical pages. Clicking it shows it under level 19. I figure this might resolve itself, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

This one always ticks me when I do the lesson/review. Forgot to notify WaniKani team. Anyway, thanks for the correction.

Looks like the caching on those pages isn’t as robust as it should be. Tinkered with it. Waiting for the changes to move up the pipeline towards production. Thanks for the info.