Kanji taught on WK not listed in lvl60

Hello fellow kanji lovers. Curious if anyone knows why there are more kanji taught after level 60 that don’t seem to be listed (or else they are listed in other levels). Did WK add new kanji and the system just tacks them on at the end? I just guru’d all the level 60 kanji officially on the level and then it started to teach me 璧、苛、戚、餅、and 湧. o__O I thought I was done! FUUUUUU!

Thank you for knowledgeable comments.

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And they’re planning on extending the list even more!


Thank you for being so helpful. I’m not usually on the forum and totally missed the news. Thank you ^____________^

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No problem :blush: the community is here to help :wink:


They won’t stop adding stuff and my apprentice count isn’t going down!
It’s good to finally learn the kanji used in the word 完璧かんぺき, though.


That’s so true though that they just came through with kampeki !!

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