Will new levels/new kanji be added?


Hey, so I’m Kyoto, and this is like my third or fourth time resetting my account? I keep taking breaks!

Anyway all I wanted to ask was that I was looking at the WaniKani stats and it said that there were 261 JLPT kanji not covered by WaniKani. Now I know the JLPT isn’t the end-all-be-all list of what you need to learn, but it just got me thinking about will more levels be added? In the two years I’ve been here there hasn’t been any but I thought I’d pose the question anyway. And I know Koichi and the crew will be busy with many different things!

I did try and look through the archive before making this, but if it’s already been answered somewhere then I apologise!


It’s certainly possible, although there are no definitive plans that I can share. I’d say it’s more likely that we’d add new kanji to existing levels than create extra levels beyond 60, though. If we do add more kanji, missing JLPT items are good candidates for that.


https://www.wanikani.com/kanji/坑 certainly seems to be hinting at it…