How often (if ever) does this site add new Kanji?

I was using this site/api addon wkstats which is super cool btw.
I don’t know how accurate the number is but it mentions, in a few different areas, Kanji that WaniKani doesn’t have or support currently.

So my question is, does this site every add more Kanji that it doesn’t currently have?

As far as I know, no – I know that at one point the site was only up to level 50 and then they added the 10 additional levels with bonus kanji, but I haven’t heard anything about adding new ones, I think they’re busy working on EtoEto at the moment (their grammar site, currently in alpha stages)

They don’t do anymore, but they used to (a very very long time ago).

By the time you’ve finished level 60 I suspect you will want to focus your studies elsewhere. So maybe you shouldn’t worry about this for a while. :slight_smile:

Which kanji are you talking about? Jouyou kanji? Jinmeiyou kanji? Every kanji that ever existed?

There are 174 jouyou kanji missing in WK, maybe they will add 10 more levels someday. But judging from a one-word meaning there is no urge to include them, except if you want to chat with the emperor or become a doctor or something.

It wasn’t that long ago, maybe two years?

However, there was a time when they were adding new vocabulary often. Even though there are still some kanji left without words, and it boggles my mind why 瑠璃 still isn’t on the site.

Anyways there are most definitely Kanji that should be added to this site, such as 嬉しい、匂い、挨拶、 蹴る. for a few example. But I wouldn’t hold my breath that that’s going to happen anytime soon.


Maybe it just feels like more time has passed than actually has. You’re probably right. I was thinking mainly about the period when they made level 20 - 50. I remember being scared that I might end up reaching the highest level before they could add new levels (hah)

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