Are there going to be more levels to WaniKani?

WaniKani has been a HUGE help to me in studying, but it leaves out several kanji from JLPT N1 and from the Joyo lists which is a little disappointing. I’m saying this at only level 44, so maybe something will be introduced before I finish? Has there been any previous talk about it or news?


There’s been talk that they won’t add new levels.
They have been adding new items to existing levels though.


I think in the past, there have been mentions of specifically wanting people to move away from WK, and into native reading / listening. SRS is great, but can also be very time-consuming, and I believe they find it important to make WK a finite experience.

By level 60, you’re able to teach yourself kanji you don’t know, and that SRS time can be spent on enjoying your Japanese skills, and learning things in context, rather than in an SRS vacuum. ^^

Also, plenty of people find level 60 daunting enough. I think at some point, having more levels will be demotivating. A stronger feeling for those struggling that they’ll never get there. It’s not a boon for WK if people don’t renew / upgrade their sub because they think the end is impossible to reach in their given life situation.


Noooooo I’m ready for it to eeeeend

Seriously though I agree with what @Omun has said before. At this point I think it’s more beneficial to learn from native material than active vocabulary drilling :slight_smile:


I’m preparing to take Kanken level 2 soon (which covers all joyo kanji). I took N1 four times in the course of finally passing it. I never saw any of those “missing” kanji on the JLPT tests.


That’s good to know. I’ve done uni in Japan but have never taken N1, and I was just worried some random kanji were gonna ruin it for me.

I mean, they could show up theoretically, but there are only like 6 kanji reading questions anyway, and those are the most likely to have hard readings. The rest of the test will probably not feature those obscure kanji because they are used in weird words. Like the regal pronoun 朕 (ちん). Why is that even a joyo kanji.


Like others have said, some of those kanji are mostly not that common and actually doing stuff with Japanese becomes more important than just wanikani even before level 60. That said, some of the kanji not on wanikani are pretty common in fiction, at least in the books I’ve read, but you can learn those pretty easily from just reading books. And many of them have been added to wanikani somewhat recently anyway, so I don’t know how many somewhat common ones are actually still missing.

Being the only person not close to level 60 to answer this feels weird though… but if I feel fine now, I figure I’ll probably feel fine at 60 too


Literally everyone: I can’t wait to get to sixty!


But I can relate. I was worried I’d hit some wall and really struggle to make progress without the structure of WK.


I see what you mean, definitely. For people who are kind of uncomfortable leaving here especially, making it finite so they don’t have a choice is important. I live in Japan, so I was really only thinking from the perspective of someone with a natural learning environment who is just using this as a convenience. But for the majority of users, training them to only learn robotically is not that helpful, and you’re right about the need for kicking people out of the nest to learn in context.

For me, the levels only going to 60 was a put off for me when I joined, because if I’m sticking to a system, I wanted it to be comprehensive. But yeah, thinking about it, I guess it’s enough.


For daily use in Japanese, it’s not. But if you’re studying Japanese as your own language in Japan, you need it when you get to history or classical literature. 古文 reading is all about learning weird kanji and readings, which I’ll never use in real life, but it means I can read older texts and understand stuff at museums. Also I just randomly use super old writing in messages to make my friends laugh.


Very off-topic, but is your profile description a reference to Hiram McDaniels? O:


I don’t have an issue with knowing it… But it being on that list leads to being thinking they need to study it for JLPT, etc. I like learning weird kanji, but the government doesn’t need to overblow their importance.


It’s been so long I forgot I put that lmao

Yes, yes it is. (I am so behind in WTNV I’m too scared to start again.)


Same here, unfortunately. I keep not finding the time. The times that I would have listened to podcasts in the past, I now only do Japanese stuff to make sure I get plenty of hours of listening practice.


At a certain point I find it’s better to just learn the kanji you see. For example, I see 貰う a bunch when reading, but it’s not a 常用漢字 nor is it on WaniKani. But I’ve learned it anyway since I see it often enough. In your case, you’ll learn those obscure/old literature and museum kanji if you do things related to that often enough.


:joy: Oh gosh

I was level 58 for 58 days. Then I decided to get over it and just finish…

Like you said, wanikani was my structure, my daily task. It was also the easiest and fastest way to measure and realize the progress I’ve made, so I will really miss it.


After the fast levels, I considered taking a break. Then I remembered several people mentioning that their celebratory post-60 break after the last grind meant they really struggled to get back into things, so I disallowed myself to take even one day off after finishing :see_no_evil:

I just added new stuff to replace WK. BunPro was still going, and I switched to Torii instead. Though now I’m doing FloFlo and only reviewing on Torii, since I admittedly don’t have the patience for WK reviews, many Torii reviews, and many FloFlo reviews. So I’m only doing FloFlo lessons.

You can do it! :muscle: We’re fortunate that we have many options to continue learning Japanese online.


Same. May be overly productive, but I like finding chances to practice all the time. All my games are in Japanese for that reason.

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I can relate to that. :slight_smile: Just today I was talking to someone in another thread about how I’ve replaced any time that I used to spend gaming with studying Japanese. The only games I’ve played in the past few months are two Japanese visual novels (not done yet, but nearing the end of the second one). Haven’t played anything else in that time. shock horror

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