Frustrated with Answer Recognition

Hey guys,

I’m starting to get used to the Wanikani review system, but my main issue is that I remember words as concepts, not exact words. As a result, I’ve been getting tons of answers wrong because I typed “entryway” instead of “entrance”, “droplet” instead of “drop”… and so on. I add my answer as a synonym each time, but I’m so tired of having to re-review terms because I didn’t type the “correct” meaning.

I’ve seen that there’s a script to add a redo button to WaniKani, but no matter what I do with TamperMonkey I just cannot get WaniKani scripts to run on my browser, and I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go. Is there a method you guys use to avoid this issue or remember the correct wording? I’m considering just going to another flashcard system that will allow me to redo these answers because of the sheer volume of reviews I’m getting so far - if I’m having to redo terms I understand because of this, then what’s the point?


It can be frustrating. I just go easy on myself and think of it as getting another repetition. Then I decide whether I want to add the synonym – often by looking up the word on Jisho.

Sometimes there’s enough nuance that I don’t add the synonym. For example, yesterday I wrote “substitution” rather than “substitute” and after finding that there’s a different Japanese word for substitution and thinking about the distinction between them I decided not to add the synonym. The extra little bit of research often helps make the preferred word stick.


Well, I think scripts are definitely the answer to that problem so getting those working would be step one. What problem are you encountering with TamperMonkey? Also what system and browser are you using? I may or may not be able to help troubleshoot. If I can’t I’m sure someone more knowledgeable about it can. If you can’t get it working no matter what you could always try one of the mobile apps made by users like Tsurukame or Flaming Durtles. I think they have this feature included as an option.

I also mostly remember them as concepts so the Double-check script is invaluable to me. I just have to make sure to read the context sentences to make sure my concept isn’t off when I get things wrong.

I can totally feel you on this one. It’s getting worse and worse in that respect for me as well. Unfortunately, that’s one of the drawbacks of A-B systems like WaniKani.

If it gets really too much and you feel like it’s hampering your progress, it might be worth considering Anki sets instead, because there you’re the one who decides whether an answer was correct or not, and you can customize your flash cards exactly the way you want.

What personally pains me is when for some kanji WaniKani expects a specific meaning and it’s either not the main meaning or not the one it later relies on in vocab. Case in point 判. It theoretically means “judge”, but also “seal/stamp/signature” and that’s the meaning later used in 判子 (small seal - personal seal) and 評判 (“evaluation seal” - fame, reputation).

When it comes to WaniKani, I just try to bear with it. If I get an item wrong, well too bad :slight_smile: .

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I feel you on this, I would have ragequit WK months ago if not for the DoubleCheck script. If you’re having trouble getting scripts running the big things that trip people up are:

  1. make sure you have the WaniKani Open Framework script installed and
  2. make sure the Open Framework script is ordered above all the other scripts in Tampermonkey

I too wouldn’t be here if scripts didn’t exist. They’re what make WK usable. Thinking back to the time before the Ignore script makes me shudder.

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Giving correct answers Wanikani didn’t anticipate is inevitable. It’s not the best feeling in the world, but I’ve always just added the synonym and moved on.

The gamification makes it easy to forget that the goal isn’t to clear level 60 with as few reviews as possible, it’s to get to the point where kanji are quickly readable without being intimidating. Personally I found it helpful mindset-wise to remember there isn’t anything scary about a review for a kanji I already know. If I really do know it, it’ll go by quickly and give me a little drop of validation. If it doesn’t… maybe the extra review proved useful after all.

But scripts are a valid option too and I hope if you go down that route the technical issues can be resolved!


I can’t help you with how to do it, but get that redo script working. It totally changed my experience and made Wanikani feel more fair

The first time I see a word, I add a bunch of synonyms to it that are acceptable to me. That way, it isn’t something I have to deal with in later stages.

Acceptable to me:

  • A word that is close enough.
  • 弱々しい means “Weak looking.” And I know that. Still, I just put in “weak,” because despite knowing this, I know that I’m lazy, or forget momentarily, and at times will just type in “weak.”

My belief is that my real learning comes from reading – from massive input. In that massive input, the differences and deep character of worlds will become much clearer. So I’m fine with missing a subtlety here and there, if it means I am having fun using the program.

On the other hand, there are places where I will refuse to add a synonym, because, “No, this distinction I really should have.”

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So, having some kind of “redo” or “I got this right” button is the answer to this. As people suggested, get your scripts working, or use an alternate browser/app. Ignore all the puritans who wring their hands and tell you you’re going to cheat yourself out of learning, just remember to be honest with yourself about whether you really got it right or not.

Remember, the point of Wanikani is to learn to read kanji, not to master the Japanese language. This is only one piece of the puzzle. You’re not really expected to walk out of WK with a mastery of grammar and an understanding of the exact nuance and usage of every word. I think it’s important to get the readings right, because those are absolute and specific, but if you can remember the concept of a kanji or vocabulary, I don’t see the point in punishing yourself because you didn’t remember the exact synonym WK used. The place to pick up that sort of nuance is outside WK, when you’re consuming or speaking Japanese in big chunks instead of one word at a time.

OTOH, I will say that after you’ve been at this for a year, the feeling of being cheated and forced to redo a few levels of something fades to mild annoyance. You will do SO. MANY. REVIEWS. on your way to level 60. Like literally 50,000+ reviews. If you have to do an extra few hundred on the way there, and they’re easy reviews because you actually already know the word and just screwed it up once, it’s not that big a deal.

The real devil, as you will learn, is rendaku.


I also have this problem but I only add to synonym when words are not that far off in terms of meaning

mountain climbing I added as climbing a mountain

example sentence, I added a sentence example, office branch <-> branch office


Couple of solutions here that don’t require scripts.

  1. Use a mobile app. I do lots of reviews using Kakumei and it has a built-in ignore feature.

  2. For browser reviews, I’ve noticed that incorrect answers aren’t “saved” until you hit the Next Review button. If you close that browser window and reopen your reviews, you can give yourself another chance.

Whichever way you go, just be sure you don’t abuse the system.

this works with typos, I solved this using anki mode in flaming durtles,

but usually the “problem” is the main answer completely when we dont remember exactly how WK wants.

It works with any kind of mistake. Get it wrong, check the answer, ignore, and surely you can remember the correct answer for the 30 seconds until you see it pop up again. Then just add a synonym and move on.

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