Forum regular status requirements

The default requirements for getting regular status are defined here. The one in particular that I’m concerned by is the requirement to read 20,000 posts created in the last 100 days. I think it prohibits people that regularly participate in WaniKani and Japanese Language forum topics, but generally avoid Campfire topics, from becoming regulars. There’s simply not enough posts in those sections to reach that number. To me, this is counterintuitive because those members are just as (or more) likely to use the powers granted by regular status to help the community.

So what does everyone think? Is 20,000 a good number or is it too high?

P.S. Yes this is obviously because I want to get regular status back without spending hours in Campfire.


Yeah, I’ve been a regular before, but lost it. Not that I particularly care about getting it back.


I’ve been taking a leadership role in the Beginner Book Club lately and not have the regular status powers is inconvenient.


It’s actually not 20,000 posts but rather 25% of posts, capped at 20,000.

That means that if the number of posts in the past 100 days is 50,000, you only have to read 12,500 (125 per day).

If the number of posts in the past 100 days is 1,000,000, you don’t have to read 250,000 posts (2500 per day) but only 20,000.

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I know that. I was making the (perhaps incorrect) assumption that we have enough posts to require the 20,000 posts. I don’t actually know how many posts are made every 100 days.

Do we have an idea of how many posts are created in Campfire vs the other sections?

If less than 25% of posts are made outside of Campfire, then even if someone were to read everything in the other categories they would be unable to gain regular status (unless we’re hitting the 20,000 cap, at which point the question returns to being about the limit).

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The 25% thread requirement also seems quite high (regular sounds like “shows up often”, not “reads all bazillion things that come up”).

I don’t really need to be a regular, but I was regular before, I wonder how I did that?


I’ve had it and lost it twice, I can’t keep up with those 1000+ posts threads.

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I don’t know, allowing people who are unaware of what’s being said in 75% of the forums to be regulars doesn’t seem too strict, but it depends what they envision the regulars being, I think.


I doubt that anybody makes the decision to read or not to read a post based on whether it’s in Campfire. There are more important factors such as “is the topic interesting” or “am I involved in this conversation” or “does the poster have doggo as avatar”.


75% of the posts are furry-babies, throwing dice, and polls :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t there a whole topic asking whether people could just mute Campfire unilaterally recently? I may be imagining that, but there are certainly people who, though they may not avoid Campfire on principle, basically end up reading very few topics within it.

As @acm2010 says, it’s basically just gifs and polls :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I saw that edit plantron :stuck_out_tongue:


From an email I got from WaniKani a few weeks ago, I think they might have tweaked the thresholds a bit. Or perhaps Campfire has started taking up a larger portion of the posts in the last several months.

As @Radish8 said, if too many posts are in Campfire, it would be impossible to become a regular without spending time there.

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Since the requirement is based on that “last 100 days” total, the bar probably just went up.

I definitely don’t mind not being a regular if I don’t have to expose myself to that.


There are people with regular status who only spend time in the fun Campfire threads (which is not a problem in itself, but indicates that you can get regular status even if you only stick to certain restricted areas of the forums), so I think if people like yourself who clearly contribute a lot to the community and could really use the powers that come along with regular status aren’t getting it then clearly something could be tweaked.

Depends how worried they are about people abusing the powers, I suppose, but there’s a limit to how much trouble you can cause changing titles, I imagine.

I was tempted to add the love durtle to every single thread title, but I restrained myself :durtle_love:


I asked if they could just manually grant me the regular powers and they told me no. No special treatment I guess haha.


The requirements are clearly not made for this community :slight_smile:

A lower threshold would lead to lots of people with some administrative powers, this “auto-granting” does not necessarily hit the right people. I think it would be better done manually, maybe for a limited time.

[Alternatively you could just scroll through the poll thread for an hour or so.]


Maybe I’ll make an auto scrolling script. :slight_smile:


Yeah, if a regular is not present it means asking the forum mods to make posts into Wikis and such. So far the intermediate club has always had a regular involved at one point or another.

I wondered this about myself too. I was a regular and hadn’t really changed my habits too much, but eventually lost my status. Meh.

I’ve muted many a thread and the majority of them have come from Campfire. I don’t have time, patience, or the energy to slog through gif threads, poll threads, and the like. I think that has consequently cost me because there are times when nothing new comes up on my end. haha.


I wonder if they could reduce the total number of posts requirement but introduce some kind of ‘topic variety’ requirement?

The poll thread is basically the best example of why the system doesn’t work. You shouldn’t really be able to get regular status if you literally just post in and read one thread.