Overview of thread creation in the reading subcategory

Edit: Well, that thread was a thing. Not relevant anymore since the creation of the book club category.

I was scrolling down the list of threads in the reading subcategory and realized that thread creators are mostly a handful of usual suspects.
This isn’t a very formal survey, since I’m doing everything on my phone, so sorry if I missed you :high_touch: I may make a script to be more systematic about in the future, but I doubt it. Maybe I can just wait for @Kumirei to do it for me.


old numbers

So, without further ado, people that immediately popped out (not surprising): (at time of posting)
seanblue 111 threads
Radish8 110 threads
Some random rainbow colored turtle shell 83 84 with this thread.
icefang97 58 threads

Between the 4 of us, we account for 42% of the threads in the category. This cannot be a coincidence, post your best conspiracy theory.

Beyond that, a few people that had notable scores (> 10 threads):
FlamySerpent 31 threads
Sylph 31 threads
afunian 21 threads
NicoleRauch 21 threads
MissMisc 18 threads
kopp 17 threads
Zizka 12 threads

Adding them to the total, we get to just above 59%! That’s insane, but I guess it makes sense considering the structure of book clubs.

An updated version has been posted here by @yukinet. Thanks a lot!
In the meantime, I’m marking the script to automatically get the updated scores as solution.


all for the same serie of book.

I wonder who this rainbow turtle shell may be… :eyes:
The only turtle I know is an onion one so…

If I have to try one then hum… how about taking over by being isekai? We read everything we can about other world so if we get isolated we would be invincible and have endless knowledge… maybe…
Or the books that are been read are actually propaganda book for the global organization or something…
yeah… I’m not good with inventing theories


That will remain a mystery for the ages.

I think we they are bots trying to compute the answers through complex operations involving thread posting at specific times. Isn’t it suspicious that threads mostly increase on specific days of the week? Dun dun duuuuun.

Maybe this thread should be in the campfire category, actually :thinking:


You’re all… reading books.


Someone more creative than me should come up with a 四字熟語 to describe the situation.


The distribution is kinda whack though. I don’t think any other category has something like that (I didn’t check though).
The original reason for this thread was that I am wondering why.



Maybe 少者多糸 instead?


Part of a dastardly plot to educate the unwashed masses.

Nah, I just think you four are just the types to volunteer to run book clubs more often. Well, aside from @icefang97, I guess. He’s found a niche and he’s sticking with it.

Though, come to think of it, a lot of @seanblue’s threads are probably Aria. And 獣の奏者. So perhaps it’s less running lots of book clubs, and more running one very long one.



Starting this weekend, 美少女戦士セーラームーン shall switch one from-thread-per-story-arc to daily threads, each covering six to seven pages of reading.


I’m just searching up all the 四字熟語 you guys just put and I was not disappointed.

I like to be different it make me feel special :star_struck:
I would probably like to start another book club for another serie but I don’t know if I can correctly manage two book club. It’s a commitment and I already forget to post the thread from time to time. That and I already read a lot.

I know that feeling too well. At school in our club, there was no one who wanted to volunteer for anything. Again it’s so much easier to just follow than managing a book club. When I started 獣の奏者 after been managing the Re Zero book club for a long time it feels so light, so easy. I don’t dislike managing the book club don’t take me wrong on that. I think one book club managing at a time is enough. It’s not really hard anyway. I just moslty copy-paste each week then make polls. It’s just harder in the beginning but once it’s running there is no problem. It is just sad when no one writes in the thread you make but other than that. It’s probably like 5 minutes per week.

But yeah it’s always sad when no one volunteers to do stuff and it’s always up to the same people. At some point they get tired and everything crumbles. I have seen it more than once.


Now you got me wondering why you’re wondering why :face_with_monocle:

You’re the main organizers and long standing members of the book clubs, which means that (a) you probably nominate more books than others (because you are interested in keeping the club going), and (b) even if somebody else nominated a book, they might not be around any more when the book gets picked, so you take over and run the club for that book. :woman_shrugging:

Now you got me surprised! I was expecting more like 90% here?! What are the other 50% of threads about, if not book clubs?


It might be some kind of cognitive bias, but I feel like my books are never picked :sob:

Well, there are more book clubs, but with only a few threads per book, so that the authors didn’t make it past the arbitrary 10 thread mark. There are a few threads that are not related to book clubs, but obviously they get dwarfed by weekly threads.
My question came more from the fact that I feel like people are creating new book clubs all the time (right now, I see stuff about starting a One Piece one, a Harry Potter one, a 3月のライオン one, a 1Q84 one…) so I would expect a much smoother distribution, I don’t know :thinking:


At the moment all of those are just one thread each though :slight_smile: And there’s also a few book clubs that just have one thread per volume or some series that just have one discussion thread for the whole thing, so those don’t increase the total amount of threads as much as weekly book clubs do.


All for チーズスイートホーム. And if we didn’t make one thread per week for the first few books, I wouldn’t pass the >10 threads requirement before volume 11 (on 12).
So, whatever conspiracy you are part of, I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes :crying_cat_face:


That is exactly what someone in a conspiracy would say. hum…suspicious.


1Q84 is starting in a week, and HP on September 1st, so not much time yet to accumulate a bunch of threads.


No book I’ve nominated has ever won a vote.

I thought of making a chart of how many winning books each person has, but since quick-links to the nominations of winning books aren’t typically retained after the book has won, I’d have to read through the entirety of all of the club main threads, and I’m not too sure I want to do that…


I have been thinking about how to organize the HP book club actually, so I’ll ask here: Is it better to make one thread per chapter and link to that thread from the main thread, or is it better to keep everything in one thread? I see that most book clubs have one thread per week or per chapter, but that means that there are very many threads. Maybe I’m overthinking this…

This is probably something like recency bias (if that’s a thing). We’ve seen lots and lots of new book clubs by many people very recently (therefore not so many threads), but there are many old book clubs run by the old “gang” that already accumulated many threads, and so they, well, accumulated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the other hand, you are running book clubs for other nominations, no? Like Kino, Haruhi, Night Market, and probably others. (I did not check who proposed those books, though…)

Oh, and looking at the old clubs, I guess you missed out on @Sylph who ran Konbini and Hyouka (this is 31 threads already) plus probably other clubs as well?


It’s easier for people coming in later to find a place to ask questions or find answers if you do one thread per chapter.

Also, if it’s one long thread it’s harder to get back into it if you miss a week or something, maybe? depends on activity of the thread, I suppose.