Recent Drama Threads

@Mods We’ve had a recent rash of drama posts.

I’d like to suggest that new accounts be required to make a minimum of 5 posts in the introductions section before posting elsewhere, and be disallowed from URL posting until the threshold is reached. That will filter out some of the unhinged drama. Thanks!

Please no discussion about the actual troll threads here - just trying to make a helpful suggestion to curb it.


I never made an introduction post and would probably feel a little too shy to even join the forum if I was forced to introduce myself. How about not being allowed to make a new thread unless it’s in the introduction section or they have received 10 likes or something?


Oh, a likes minimum is a lot better. Actually that’s how the trust level system works, which I never actually read about until now. I think the trust system allows posting multiple links after the first level? Probably best to limit all links until the first trust level is reached.


For anyone interested in the default settings :eyes:

Not allowing a New user to post any hyperlinks might help block some of the bot spam, even if we don’t get a lot of that


I think it’d also be good to not allow them to edit until reaching the next level as well since edits remove flags.


Hmm are those actually enforced? I’m pretty sure the user that prompted this thread would have been a trust level 0 but they were flagging everyone’s posts like crazy. Does editing count as a post?


Flagging is anonymous. There’s no proof that it was them flagging others’ posts


Well that’s true, we just generally don’t have cases of serial flagging and then every post in 1 thread is flagged. Perhaps someone was just flagging posts to discourage replies or get the thread locked down faster, which isn’t a bad idea.


I think no links after so many days should be good enough. A like minimum is a little too easy. I have seen some Subreddits with like minimum days being part of the sub through the join button. Which I think in WK’s case is totally reasonable. Once you get through the free trial I think getting access to the community kind of encouraging people to continue and if you get to the end you’ll get support from the community.


Yes, I never made an intro post either and I think it would be pretty off-putting for a lot of potential users if one was required.

These things tend to be a tradeoff, so while we could in theory require trust level 1 for creating new threads, that would probably lose us some genuine new contributors as well. So I’m not sure the problem right now is bad enough to merit it.


actually how about this… no drama posts?


It’s happened once in the 3 years (?) I’ve been on this forum so I am not sure it’s a big deal.

My first post included a link to my site and the discussion was really nice and that lead me to stay. I thought it was really cool that a community did not have these exclusion rules and has a default to trust new members . From a ‘content creator’ perspective who tries to reasonably promote their work, these rules are very annoying (but I understand them).

And well, most of us contributed to the drama…


There’s a small set of users who repeatedly make accounts in order to harass others, so putting up more barriers is going to help keep them out. Some stuff you don’t see because it’s taken care of quickly.


What drama?

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I agree that some kind of additional barriers should be considered but I’ll also add myself to the list of people who never made an introduction thread/post. I first sought out the forum to complain about my own inability to manage the SRS intervals, and I might just have dropped interacting altogether if I was required to first introduce myself / butt into other people’s conversations before making a thread. That in turn would likely have led to me not sticking with WK in the long run since the community has contributed a lot to my motivation and staying power. So some balancing is needed either way, and perhaps the current system is already optimal?


My personal preferred method is just new accounts can’t make threads or posts. The time required could be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week without being too much of an issue imo. Would at least prevent some impulsive stupid people from being a nuisance.

The only people it would negatively affect is people who actually just made a new account and want to post right away. But, to be honest I don’t think they will have any good urgent questions they need to have answered (hell, it might encourage them to read the faq) and I don’t care about the intro of someone who just made their account. The way I see it, if they’re someone worth being introduced, they’ll still be here after a week. If they are gone after a few days anyways, we probably saved their time for them by not letting them write an intro post and saved the time of anyone who would have read it.


Guess I’m not worth being here, then. I signed up exclusively because of the fact that it’s a forum to interact with people about Japanese things, even even more so to join activities that would improve my Japanese (like the wonderful book clubs on here). If I would’ve had to wait to actually post my questions / participate, I would’ve probably not returned to the forum and forgotten about it (based on previous experience). Part of what kept me here was a warm community and the ability to participate. Japanese resources are a dime a dozen at this point, the appeal over here is the accessibility and a group of people who are interested in learning.

Maybe a system of likes isn’t bad, but 10 likes is a lot (most posts in this topic don’t have 10 likes, not even the original post), I don’t know if it’s a good solution either. If it’s not a general problem where it happens all the time, I don’t think it’s a problem that needs to be solved, though. But I’m a new user so I have no idea about that.

Maybe accounts with less than a certain amount of posts shouldn’t be allowed to flag posts (dk if that’s already the case), that’s also a solution.


And here I thought there might be a new thread talking about the new japanese tv dramas :rofl:

guess I have to wait for that…



Just open one :eyes:


I mean, if having to wait a couple days to make a post was enough to have you never return to wanikani, yeah I mean I’m content with that. If people are interested in this community, I think they’ll still be interested after not being able to post for as little as 1 day. A period during which you can still, y’know, read posts