Should there be a forum category for level 60 celebration posts?

I think it would make sense to have a category for level 60 celebration posts as a counterpart to the Introductions category. Users that don’t want to miss congratulating everyone who reached level 60 can set the category to “Watching First Post”, and users who don’t want to see these types of posts can set the category to “Muted”. Having a dedicated category would also serve as encouragement for people to celebrate their achievement – it seems that currently some people are afraid the level 60 posts are overdone and shy away from creating their own.

Before sending an email to the WaniKani team with that suggestion, I wanted to see how other users think about this idea.

New category “Level 60 Celebrations”
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Another point is that it’s very hard to find older lvl 60 posts because the thread titles are all over the place.


I dedicated about 10 minutes trying to figure out where other people had put their lvl 60 post - there’s not an obvious place for it. And a specific category is kind of a ‘hall of fame’ - although maybe that should be reserved for 100% burn posts…


Interesting idea! Makes sense to have a place to gather them.

Should this new category be in Campfire too then? :thinking: That would make the threads non-existent to people without an account on here, which wouldn’t be ideal either, imo. I think most people put their lvl 60 post in the Wanikani category, and those who for some reason don’t want it to be searchable outside the community puts it in the Campfire one. Maybe the best would be to have it as a subcategory under Wanikani?

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I’m not sure where it fits better. It probably doesn’t really matter.

While the first post often contains WaniKani-specific information (scripts that the OP thinks are useful, the methods the OP used while studying with WaniKani), the remainder of the thread consists of congratulations most of the time and resembles the introduction threads in my opinion.

Now that I think about it, @jprspereira’s guide is in his level 60 post? That would definitely better fit in the WaniKani category. :thinking:

I don’t see why it matters if the level 60 posts are searchable with Google, …? If at all, I would have leaned towards letting them be not searchable, but I don’t care either way.


I agree. It should, however, be a forum category!


My first thought was that it should be in Campfire, but on a second thought, reaching level 60 - is something very related to WaniKani…

On the whole though I think that it doesn’t matter that much, as long as the new category gets created :slightly_smiling_face:


Whether a thread is searchable with Google or not is just one of the aspects to it, though probably the most significant one. If people want to share their lvl 60 post on for example facebook or other social media, people won’t be able to see the post unless they have an account on here.

Another detail is whether they can be set as a featured topic on one’s profile card, which as you’ve mentioned, @jprspereira is a great example of. Topics that are in “non-public” categories can’t be set as a featured topic. (Though, profile cards are not visible to people without an account, so it’s not like it’s a huge deal :thinking: )

Probably more details that can be considered into this, but no super important ones that I can think of right now.


That makes sense. I had forgotten that non-public topics can’t be displayed on the profile card. I guess I’m now also leaning more towards the WaniKani category.

By the way, @UInt2048, how did you manage to select all three choices in the poll? I’ve tried to change my vote to #wanikani AND #campfire, but it doesn’t let me select more than one option.


88% support @mods !


There’s a userscript that lets you vote all the options in a single-choice POLL that you haven’t voted in yet. If you’re interested, search for it on Greasyfork.





Good thing I don’t mess up, I’m very clever and gracious except for kanji reviews


Maximise the bragging rights

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I think the right move would be to create a subcategory under #wanikani for Level 60 posts and I think it should be searchable.

I agree with @Sinyaven that some new level 60 people are fearing that level 60 posts are overdone. Heck, I see some people that achieve it at an amazing speed and have good advice, but due to bad timing, etc, their post doesn’t gain much traction. Most celebration posts also just get lost over time, so people won’t be able to go back to them as easily.

IIRC, I’ve only seen 3 posts about burning all items. I’ve done it myself but haven’t felt the need to create a new post for it :thinking: So I think having both in a Hall of Fame would be fine.


Good points. I have very little to add as I intentionally put my own post in the Wanikani category for exactly these reasons. ^>^ (though in the end, I didn’t link to the thread on my profile card).

@Sinyaven Great initiative!



Would a more general “Milestone Celebration” title for the category make sense, or defeat the purpose?

I ask since other levels are accomplishments too, and because I’ve been putting off a level 60 post for a “burned everything” post :wink:someday they’ll stop adding things


Tbh I think that would be better. That or a self post category and we could throw study logs in there too. But yeah, that way milestones could also include people celebrating passing N_, finishing their first book, etc. As well.


Just figure this out in the next week or so and we’ll be good