Welcome to the new WaniKani forums

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new forums. Come on in. Take off your shoes. Want to come inside my kotatsu? I guess that’s okay. A bit weird, but ok.

There’s a lot of new stuff here in the new forums. Possibly even a mystery or two. But, I want to go over the basics.

New Categories and Sub Categories

Under the categories are new sub categories. This just makes it easier to organize topics. If you can, please try and choose the appropriate sub category when posting. If you can’t find the right category, feel free to request a new sub category in our feedback.

What are the “Archive” sub categories?

For some categories (namely WaniKani and Japanese Language), we decided it made sense to keep the same level of privacy on your posts from the previous forum. When we imported the old content to this new forum, we moved that content from those categories to these archive categories. The content inside these categories should be protected from search engine spiders, meaning someone on the outside of WaniKani couldn’t find those things. Of course, if someone got an account and searched (using the improved search) they could still find it. It’s the same amount of privacy as before, so we’re hoping that everyone is happy with this solution.

New content in these categories will, however, be public (in that it will show up in search results). So, keep that in mind going forward.

There are still some “private” categories (not crawlable by search engines), though. Campfire, and all the subcategories under Campfire remain “private.” Japanese Only category is also private. Some sub categories are only for certain people. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. Each category and sub category is different, though, so please read through the “About the _____ Category” post pinned at the top of each section. It will tell you in more detail.

Because we moved stuff into these “Archive” categories, those posts will no longer be able to be added to. We want people to move their conversations over to the new sections. If you have an old post that you want to continue, please write a new topic! Link to the old one and continue where you left off.

New Features (compared to old forum)

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what all of the new features are myself. But here are some of the notable ones:

  • More tools for easier moderation. Who wants to see my shiny new ban hammer?
  • Sub categories for more organization
  • You can @ mention people, notifying them that you mentioned them.
  • You can upload images (or gifs) right into the editor.
  • You can use markdown to style your posts
  • You can post an image, even if you didn’t add a space, or text, or anything!
  • You can follow topics
  • It’s smarter about remembering things you’ve seen. I’m sure there’s specifics about this, but I don’t really know what they are yet. Maybe it bookmarks where you’ve been. Go find out for yourself. Stop asking me.
  • Badges? Mystery Badges? What do I look like, a police officer that actually wears his uniform to work? Hell no, that fabric is warm.
  • You can click around inside the forum while writing a post and it’ll stay right there in the bottom, letting you continue. That means you can click around and find that perfect blackmail of a post, quote it, and finish writing without ever opening another tab.
  • Seems to work better in mobile. Results may vary.
  • There are a bunch more things, I bet. Go look for them please, then let me know.

There will be problems. If you run into any problems, be sure to let us know. See you later, Crabigators.


Thanks for the hard work.


Don’t forget the ability to like posts!


Wew lads! We be jammin’!


Thanks for keeping the previous content private, I appreciate it @viet @koichi!


And @oldbonsai

And @oldbonsai
And @oldbonsai
And @oldbonsai


It looks great! Thanks for your hard work to port the content over!


Discourse is great! Thumbs up for your efforts!


And now I know there are 14 other lvl44 lifetimers here besides me :smiley_cat:

How do these groups work @viet, do I only have access to the one I’m in atm?


Woo! Glad to be here.

On a scale of great to great, how much do you like the new WK forums?

  • Great!
  • They’re great!

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Wut, there are polls?


Looks awesome!! :slight_smile:

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Are we no longer sect turtles?


Thanks for all the hard work! I’m sure things were crazy the last day or so :slight_smile:


@koichi there are polls indeed

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Daaamn no sect names :frowning: These forums suck!


@Tizzysawr There are sect names :slight_smile: Right next to your name, if you have one.

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@lootfruit I can’t see anything, what is this.

Edit: Nevermind, got it :stuck_out_tongue: But they’re just titles, not sects :frowning:

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maybe @koichi decided to burn sect Turtles while doing the migration :confused: