Forum language changing randomly when on auto

As shown in the screenshot below, the language setting of the forums on my end changed to a random language (can’t guess what it is). I had it on Auto, so I managed to navigate to the page to change it to English, manually.

Running MacOS 10.13 Public Beta (build 17a315)
Latest version of Safari from Mac App Store (not beta)
Also occurred on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS11 Public Beta
Occurs both when accessing through the latest version of Chrome and Safari.

Both devices had the same language, despite being on “Auto”
Maybe something for the discourse team to look into?

You should’ve FINNISHed your reviews then!


Not using any sort of VPN or anything are you?

Nope… if I did it probably would have been that

Having the same problem, lol.

Same issue here.

I had no issues before but right when I noticed this post, I noticed my language is changed to another language.

Fortunately, it is Japanese

What? Because of this thread, the language changed into Korean.

Also, changing the forum UI language alone isn’t enough. I have to refresh.

Refreshing while clearing cache solved the problem for me
(Shift+F5 for Chrome, Ctrl+F5 for Firefox)

I opened the “What Video Game Are you Playing” thread in a new tab and it was in Korean. XD

It’s back to English now though. :S

[EDIT: Now it’s in Japanese. I’m ok with that though! :sweat_smile:]

So lesson to be learned from this:

I have caused issues for everyone else by posting this…

R.I.P. Sorry guys and girls.

I have some questions now

  1. How did that happen
  2. Why did your change to Finnish, while some changed to Japanese or Korean :sweat_smile:
  3. How to change language

Also, thanks to this post, I checked FAQ for changing language and now I got the “Read The Guidelines” badge. Yay, I guess?

Your thread switched mine to japanese…
I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting Japanese and Finish here and on my profile but it stopped after changing pages a few times.

This is what happened to my monitor when I changed the language settings:


Click your picture in the top right
Settings (the cog icon)
Bottom option on the left
First drop down box on the page, look for EN.

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that would be the most confusing options to pick if you dont know your language abbreviation

I mean, my native language is Indonesian (Hai), yet I dont know if ID means Indonesian or Indian, or if mine is actually Bahasa, which will then how to differentiate from Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia

Oh well, thanks anyway, Nekopara Senpai~

Yeah, it’s a complete UI/UX fail on the part of Discourse

I looked it up, apparently its ID?

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I scrolled based EN and chose UK thinking it stood for the United Kingdom.

It made more sense in my head at the time…