Weird Translation Glitch

I’m not sure if this is a Wanikani issue, a Chrome issue, or a PC issue.
I was doing my reviews. On the first one, which was the kanji for “Hot Water” and it looked normal, I typed in “hot water” and before I hit Enter, the kanji transformed this this:

I hit enter, went on to the next one, and the next one auto translated also.
I hit refresh in the browser and things seem to be normal now. I don’t have any auto-translation turned on or anything, unless did it accidentally. It was so bizarre and strangely shocking (especially because it said SOUP in huge letter! I’m not necessarily looking for a solution, hopefully it’s just a fluke. But has this ever happened to anyone else?


Looks like Google translate is active. Try another browser. Report back if it happens.

Do you have custom scripts? Disable them.

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That’s the most likely culprit. 湯 means hot water in Japanese but soup in Chinese. Meanwhile 汁 means soup in Japanese but juice in Chinese.


thanks, no custom scripts, but I’ll check Google translate. if it is active, it activated itself, but I’ve been experiencing a bunch of little oddities since switching from a Mac to Windows laptop last month, so it’s definitely possible.

For some reason I got so emotionally invested in the story from the OP that when I got to the part about SOUP flashing suddenly, I literally felt the uncanny terror you mention later on (which in turn made me burst into uncontrollable laughter a split second later) :joy: :joy: :joy:


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