English input sometimes suddenly becomes Japanese input

I’m on MacOS and changing back and forth between input methods is a breeze and just a button press, but it seems that every dozen or so entries when I’m typing the English meaning I’m stuck in Japanese input. I try toggling back and forth or go to a different tab or app to test it and the input is perfectly fine, but WaniKani stays stuck in Japanese. The only solution is to literally refresh the page.

This annoyance has only gotten progressively more irritating as reviews and lessons have gotten longer as I have to refresh the page five or six times during a review now.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I don’t know if this will help or not, but on WaniKani you don’t have to switch your input method. When keeping it in English it will automatically switch over to Japanese input through the website. Maybe try staying on English next time and seeing if it works :+1:


Holy cow I didn’t know that! Alright next review I’ll stay on English and test it out.


Sounds good. Report back!

You’re a genius! Apparently I was messing up, not the site :sweat_smile:

Much thanks


yeah, i was used to switching input system from other websites. and it really is convenient to switch back and forth with just a keypress. so i was really quite suprised when i didn’t have to switch here on WK :smiley:

and it makes sense that one doesn’t have to switch to japanese input on WK, after all they’re asking us for the readings, not to type in the kanji ^^


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